Is there a precedent for the Dutch man to change his age?



I want you to know I’m in complete accord with this Dutch man who’s trying to legally lower his age.

And why not?  It makes perfect sense to me.  And aren’t there precedents for fundamental changes in how others perceive us?

If I were the judge I’d say, “Young man, to look at you I’m ruling in your favor.  You are now hereby and henceforth to be known as a ‘younger man.’”

Take someone like myself who looks and acts 10 years younger and on some days after a few cocktails even 20 years younger than it says on my driver’s license.

So why should I be corralled in chronologically and identified, classified and stereotyped by my actual age, when it’s really my spiritual, experiential age that matters?


Here’s a bonus.  Legally lower my age and I’ll gladly forfeit my social security.  Imagine what the Federal Government could save if everyone on the social security rolls suddenly were 20 years younger and ex post facto ineligible for payments.

And I’m not sure I’d stop with just my age as I feel taller than 5’ 11” and definitely 20 pounds lower than the reading on Dr. Murphy’s scale.  Next time, Dr. Murphy, I’ll empty all my pockets.

In this age when it’s now legally possible to change your gender, change your name from Bruce to Caitlyn, get your face lifted and your tummy tucked, certainly your age should be subject to some modification as well.

Look how we’re all so severely typecast by our age.

Try to get a job when you’re almost 70 years old. Even though you can outrun, out sell, outperform anyone half your age, the best you’ll get is, “thank you, we’ll let you know.”  Yea sure, you’re really going to hear from them.  It’s just not fair.

So off to court I’m going where I’ll enter my plea.  Your honor, I submit I’m 49 years old.

Is it not true as the expression says that you’re as young as you feel?

Some of the people in the condo where I live in Florida mope around like they’re in God’s waiting room and it’s almost their turn.

Me?  I bounce around like I’m back in my college dormitory at Temple University.

Now please excuse me, I’m late for class!


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