Test to become a Poll Worker: Count the number of trees in this picture


Sam was in a restaurant waiting for what seemed like hours for service.

So he calls the maître d’ over and asks how long it’s going to take to cast his vote for dinner.

“You must be from” Broward or Palm Beach County,” the maître d’ says smiling.

“Yes I am, but what does that have to do with it?”

“Forgive me for saying sir, but you too must be counting challenged as you arrived only a few minutes ago.”

Sam was going to demand a recount, but thought the heck with it.

“I’ll vote, err I’ll eat somewhere else!” he huffed and walked out.

It was still only around 7 pm.  Certainly no later than 10, if he was counting the hours correctly.

He kept walking directionless until morning, then elected to go have breakfast!



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