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What Do These Two Leading Wonder Women Have in Common? They Inspire Me to Race to Work to Tell Their Stories


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Thomas J. Madden, Chairman and CEO, Transmedia Group

“Madden, when are you ever going to retire,” my friends keep asking me.

“Come on, join us for golf  . . .  down at the pool . . .  out on the boat.  Time to relax, man, take it easy.  You’ve made enough money, for God’s sake.

Yet how can I when practically every day fascinating new clients, their exciting triumphs and opportunities keep walking into my bustling PR firm TransMedia Group in downtown Boca.  After all these years, our firm’s s still spreading its wings, opening new offices . . . in Dallas, in Rome, Italy and soon London.

TransMedia just keeps chugging along and so does its founder and CEO—yours truly.  No, I just can’t seem to slow down ever since I left NBC and ABC where I worked by tail off, but it keeps growing back.

Why would I quit when I’m meeting such amazing people like celebrity crime stopper Nancy Grace, who just signed up as a new client.  Here’s the story we’re disseminating right now for her:


 Crime Online’s podcast of ‘Crime Stories with Nancy Grace’, the popular daily radio show she hosts, surpassed 11 million podcast downloads in 2018 with a record 1.8 million downloads in October.

The podcast dedicated multiple episodes in October to missing person cases, including California teen Karlie Guse who disappeared from her Mono County home in the middle of the night on October 13th.

“I would definitely like to thank Nancy Grace and her investigation team for putting forth the effort in trying to find out answers about my daughter Karlie. I can’t thank y’all enough for continuing to get answers,” Karlie’s mother Lindsey Fairley said. 

Next, Nhambu!

Then another embodiment of mystery, allure and excitement walks in—Nhambu.

Our new client Maria Nhambu has literally danced her way to not just survival, but to a brilliant career in America as the author of her Dancing Soul Trilogy Memoir.

She goes by her last name Nhambu and is also the creator of Aerobics With Soul®, a popular African dance fitness workout she teaches, which will play a lively role in TransMedia’s multi-faceted publicity campaign for her.

At a time when immigration has become so divisive, our publicity will underscore its silver linings personified by this enchantingly beautiful, intelligent and accomplished woman.

Nhambu teaches Aerobics With Soul® in Florida, Mexico and in Minnesota, where her adoptive mother lives, who is only four years older than her, which is another amazing story,” says my daughter, TransMedia President Adrienne Mazzone.

Nhambu was an abandoned biracial child who grew up in an African orphanage well over a half century ago in what is now Tanzania. Yet to see her now, you’d never know she’s in her early seventies. She looks, acts and attracts like an ultra-fit, modern woman half her age, which we’ll show in our videos.

And you want me to retire?  Quit?  Miss the challenge of tomorrow?  Miss meeting great people whose inspiring stories I can spread?   Hell no!  You go play golf.  I’ll try to make the world better.

Focus on the day, to stay alive, to survive. But leave the door open for tomorrow, to follow your dreams.  And as you follow your dreams, always be guided by your conscience.   — Frank Stronach, From his inspiring book: A Road Map For Building a More Civilized Society




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