Hey Chief Twit:  let this think sink in.  That bird Twitter of yours should be able to fly in all directions, left, right, progressive, etc., for somewhere in the middle of the many different points of view in a democracy such as ours lies truth.  So as long as there’s not a clear and concerted effort to distort, blatantly lie and deceive with misinformation or disinformation, which would be the free-for-all hellscape to avoid, let the Twit chips fall. 

Twitter should be the only truly open forum for all points of view, and Trump should be allowed back on, even if he truly believes the election was stolen from him. So be it, let him and others come back. 

The facts, the evidence will ultimately prevail.  In the meantime, let all viewpoints converge in a truly open, truly democratic forum, so we know where people stand.  Let the best man or woman, the most compelling arguments and most convincing positions backed by facts, not just assertions and feelings . . . WIN!   

Meanwhile, congratulations.  Hail to the chief.  And may you keep all POV’s alive, healthy, robust and afloat!    Yours truly, TM