Hey you, Mr. Hammerhead, maybe you’re allegiant to the wrong flag, one with a hammer on it.  

Hitting speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband in the head with a hammer was more Kim Jong-un, more Putinesque than American, more hammer and sickle than red, white and blue.

Our Flag, the Flag of the United States of America, is the true Flag, the one to salute, to fasten to your heart with patriotic glue.

Our Flag should unite, not incite the red vs. blue.  Under it, guys like you shouldn’t  make someone black and blue.

Could the Hammer and Sickle be the new flag of America’s political extremists like you?  I hope not.

From where did this hammer and sickle come? 

Ironically, you the attacker with the hammer used a weapon that represents proletarian solidarity, a union between agricultural and industrial workers.  

When you hit Paul Pelosi with the hammer, were you fighting for proletarian solidarity?  I doubt it.

After World War I and the Russian Civil War, the hammer and sickle symbolized communist movements worldwide.

Today, the hammer and sickle remains commonplace in Russia and a few former Soviet republics and in socialist countries like Cuba, China and North Korea.

Isn’t it true on our red, white and blue, red and blue partisans’ wave together, show proudly their love of this country together in one Flag?  But is that what’s happening today with so many political broohas, so many like you so polarized on the far right you’re so quick to fight, now with hammers?

As more and more political discourse turns violent in America, lately the hammer pounds heavily on our values, on what it means to be an American.

Would seeing the hammer on a red flag not incite bears to strike opponents with more hammers?  Mow opposing parties down with sickles? 

Your hammering Paul was appalling and has left his family “heart broken and traumatized.”  This must end, hammerhead.

While you made a horrific mistake, I believe down deep you care about our country and want to see it alive and well and thriving.  But hammers aren’t the answer.  Unity is the answer.  Focus on what we have in common, not on what we disagree. That would bring more of us together.

Rekindle a respect for freedom of choice, freedom to be different, to think, act and speak and most importantly vote differently, yet still stay united.

Now apologize!  No more Russian, North Korean hammers and sickles.  Bring your allegiance back to the real America, to the United States of America where the Flag is what colors again?

Red, white and blue!  For UNITED we stand.  Adieu.

Tom Madden is proud veteran who served his country eight years in the New Jersey National Guard before assuming lofty positions at two major television networks and later becoming CEO of TransMedia Group, a PR firm serving clients wordwide. He is the author of countless articles, blogs and books, including his latest WORDSHINE MAN about how to make your writing inviting.