I Love to Write Day,” founded by Delaware freelance writer and author John Riddle, is a grassroots campaign that has spread globally, inspiring people of all ages and walks of life to spend time writing every November 15.

My latest book WORDSHINE MAN about how to make writing inviting will be among books awarded as prizes that day, along with “What Makes Trump Tick” by Peter Ticktin who was a classmate of the former president of the United States at the New York Military Academy when they were both 18.

Wordshine Man starts with a poem:

You want words to tell her you love her?
But not so many that’ll smother?
Here’s what I advise you, brother:
go see the Wordshine Man.

Once scuffed, dirty shoes needed polish.
Nowadays it’s words won’t shine.
So, I tell you, bro, consult a word pro.
Go see the Wordshine Man.

A magician with words is he.
Reels ’em out with glee, not free.
You slap some grease in his hand,
and he’s yours, the Wordshine Man.

Prose he comes up with will scintillate.
She’ll know you’re her number-one fan.
Never too late for love to percolate.
Go see the Wordshine Man.

He prefers present tense, puts wordy behind a fence.
Keeps it nice and tight, tells verbose: “Take a hike!”
Nothing too flowery, not on his salary.
Got a message to deliver? He’ll rev his motorbike.
He’s the Wordshine Man!

Riddle said he came up with the idea for “I Love to Write Day” when he was on his way to teach workshops at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Conference in Asheville, North Carolina.  “When I stopped at a diner for lunch, I wrote the words I Love to Write Day and a few months later, the grassroots campaign was launched,” said Riddle.

Over the years there have been numerous success stories from the thousands of writers, authors, teachers, librarians and other people who have participated in I Love to Write Day.

The Governors of nine states have officially proclaimed November 15 as I Love to Write Day, urging their residents to celebrate the day by writing.  I Love to Write Day was officially entered into the Congressional Record in 2008 by Delaware Senator Tom Carper.

“My goal for I Love to Write Day remains the same as it did the day I launched it,” said Riddle.  “People of all ages are encouraged to write something: a poem, a letter to the editor, an essay, start a novel, finish a novel…the possibilities are endless!”

As part of the 20th anniversary, Riddle will be publishing the “I Love to Write Day Creative Writing Journal,” which will be available on Amazon on Nov. 1st.  It features 30 creative challenges, plus tips on how to be creative from over 80 writers, authors, artists, musicians, actors and even a few pirates from all around the globe.

Besides a writer of countless articles, blogs and five published books, Madden is founder and CEO of the international public relations firm TransMedia Group. 

For more information about I Love to Write Day, visit ilovetowriteday.com