Love is not all thought.  And not just words, either, but actions!

As Eliza sings in My Fair Lady:

“Tell me no dreams, filled with desire.

If you’re on fire, show me!”

No, it’s not a “language” either as pastor Gary Chapman proclaimed 30 years ago in his popular book, “The 5 Love Languages.”  

The pastor proposed people prefer love communicated in five “languages” he enumerated as acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts and physical touch.

I’ll give him credit for the touching last one.

To me, besides touching, it’s all about staying “love fit” that keeps relationships actively working heart to heart! 

So, never let love relax too much, sit back in an easy with its feet up or it will (ugh) snooze!

No, my loves, always keep love awake, alive, active, exercised, healthy and in top shape. 

Men, make it stand up straight, head erect, no slouching.

Women, keep your love jogging, skating blissfully along, cycling with a smile.

Love keeps us healthy and fit and even more importantly feeling younger.

So, don’t be lazy.  Workout your love. Do romantic weight lifts.  Stay always love fit as possible.

Do this and your marriage will have vigor, last forever, for unlike us humans who one day will drop out, love never dies as survivors well know. 

Love that’s in good shape lives on forever, lasts for eternity.  And well love should. It’s the soothing inner ointment, the oxygen fueling our instincts to cuddle and kiss, that keeps us endlessly caring and sharing with one another.

So, stay Love Fit, my dears, and you’ll never be lonely for love always attracts new love from those love circles ever floating by, flirting everywhere they go.

But please, only one muscle-bound love at a time.  And that time will be for as long as love fitness lasts.

So, stay love fit! 

Now, pucker up and workout!

Feliz Aniversário Amor.

❤️ When he’s not kissing his wife, Rita, or voluptuously visa versa, Tom Madden loves to write articles, blogs and books, his most recent WORDSHINE MAN about how to make people love your writing, lovingly available on Amazon.  He is the founder and CEO of TransMedia Group, the PR firm dedicated to making media love its clients.