Docuseries ‘Mar-a-Lago Empire’ Now Illustriously in Development

Seeing Trump’s residence Mar-a-Lago on television day after day on local and national television news, I couldn’t help asking myself this Trumpish question:

Why isn’t there a TV docuseries about former President Donald J. Trump’s sprawling residence in Palm Beach, Florida when it’s so incredibly newsworthy?

It reminds me of another blockbuster TV series set in the city where I grew up, Atlantic City, Boardwalk Empire.

So, why isn’t there a docuseries called Mar-a-Lago Empire?

Well, there is one now in development as I couldn’t help thinking . . .

The Mar-a-Lago Empire has the makings of a powerful docuseries!

In case you don’t know me or haven’t read my books or blogs, I’m the founder of the award-winning PR firm, TransMedia Group.  I’m also a television producer and publicist who believes he has come up with a perfect docuseries concept.

Today I’m sharing this concept with content creators at Warner Bros. Discovery assuring them I have the knowledge and access to expertise to bring about an engrossing primetime series, including one of my clients, Tom Gardner, who was a butler at Mar-a-Lago and author of the book, “The Butler Wore Guccis.” 

Mar-a-Lago Empire, currently in development, is centered on the historic adventures, the both elegant and nefarious goings on, inside that palace over many years leading up to the infamous raid by the FBI and now possibly the ultimate dethroning of President or Emperor Trump, depending on how you regard him, either as the former President or his majesty who lives a most serendipitously exciting life there.    

Gardner’s story covers his time as butler for breakfast cereal tsarina, Marjorie Merriweather Post, who built that celebrity castle on the beach.  Tom was her gallant and courtly servant, who saw it all up close and personal.  

The Mar-a-Lago Empire has the makings of a powerful docuseries, better, much richer and with grander impact than Boardwalk Empire.  Set dazzlingly in tony Palm Beach and the supreme residence of whom many see either as a champion for America and former President of the United States or a despotic emperor.

I reserved the domain www.MaraLagoEmpire.com and we put tother a preliminary website https://mar-a-lagoempire.godaddysites.com/ so we can market this docuseries concept to production companies or maybe even TMGroupProductions, run by my daughter Adrienne Mazzone, will produce it.