I was just diagnosed with supination by a foot doctor who took my sneakers away from me that he said were causing it.

He said they needed emergency treatment, or what he described as a medical version of wheel alignment.  What?

The malalignment stems from my putting too much pressure or weight on the small-toe side of my foot.  If untreated this can cause knee pain or worse if something’s not done to correct that side of my sneakers and shoes already showing symptoms of abnormal wear.

So, if you have malalignment of feet like me, better see a podiatrist or have a lot of pain pills handy.

Dr. Tzvi Pearlstein is an expert in pronation and supination and founder of Wellness Wisdom Warriors dedicated to curing sneakers and shoes causing these potentially serious medical conditions.   

The doctor is soon to embark on a program to combat this pervasive medical problem from an RV that will be traveling across Florida bringing quick relief from knee and hip pain caused by this malalignment of the feet.  His RV will speed delivery of Wellness Wisdom Warriors’ ‘sneaker cure’ soon to hit the road with balancing medicine to eliminate knee pain across America.

When Dr. Pearlstein saw my feet were suffering from malalignment, he took away my sneakers to fix them by elevating by one-half inch that side where I was putting undo pressure.

Wellness Wisdom Warriors will shed light on his patented sole heeling solution, part of a transformation resulting from his own painful “bone-on-bone” knees. 

To stop the pain, he developed a new type of sneaker sole, which is helping to prevent knee, hip, and back pain, arthritis, and surgery.  Often for knee pain and knee arthritis sufferers, the source of the problem is their sneakers, which are curable, regardless of the brand. 

Malalignment of the feet is a key cause of knee pain, possibly hip and back pain too.  And just like the toeing in and out of the car tires, wheel alignment shouldn’t wait until a car’s old, but is needed throughout its life, he says.  Same with people.

I hope this spreads some sole heeling awareness of Dr Pearlstein’s discovery that knee pain can be traced to how evenly or unevenly we put weight on our feet, for which there is a cure his RV will deliver when it hits the road to painlessness. 

Wherever WWW’s RV lands, anyone with knee, hip, or back pain can bring their sneakers to be cured.  Starting locally in Florida, then nationwide, Dr Tzvi and his WWW RV will be available for booking consultations to modify sneakers/shoes to protect knees, hips, and back and compensate for foot malalignment. 

Dr. Pearlstein will be treating sneakers with affordable, convenient medicine wherever his RV’s stops, and companies can sign up for consultations for their employees, providing “feetback” for CEO’s along the trail. 

Thank goodness there’s a doctor addressing this problem!  And I say this from a personal standpoint!

When he’s not out on his feet, walking on the beach, Tom Madden is sitting down writing book after book, his latest WORDSHINE MAN about how to make your writing as inviting as his, available on Amazon.  He’s also the founder and CEO of TransMedia Group, an award-winning public relations firm serving clients worldwide since 1981.