Questions keep arising about whether our country’s assiduous vote counting might have leaned a little too much in favor of one candidate over another in certain places. 

But systemic fraud?   Don’t see a case there yet! 

Unfairness?   Yes, there seems to be some systemic unfairness in certain places, such as discovery of a number of votes from people who don’t live anymore where they’re voting from.

Also, in my hometown Philadelphia there appears to be a very stretched definition of the word “observe.”

Republican poll watches had to use binoculars to have any chance to see voters’ signatures on ballots.  Good luck.  This was the only way they could see if they were authentic.

Then there are these creepy happenings.

Around midnight on election night, it was reported on the East Coast Trump was leading in all the battleground states by whopping margins. The betting odds zoomed to 75 percent that Trump would win.  Then a funny thing happened on the way to The White House.  For some unexplainable reason WI, MI, PA, NC and NV all stopped counting votes simultaneously, in unison.   

Around 1 AM they reportedly took a collective pause.  For the next three hours, none of those 5 states, each with Democrat governors, counted any additional votes.  So, what did they do for those 3 hours?  Hmmmmm.

Then while you and I were asleep, somehow during that 3-hour shutdown, in the dead of night all those states somehow found enough votes for Biden to catch Trump.  

In one county practically all the votes by registered voters went for Biden, close to 100%, indicating all the registered voters in that county voted.  Same thing happened in other counties in those 5 states that Bidened almost 100%.


Except for Newsmax, none of the pundits questioned this nor why Wisconsin was now reporting 3,129,000 votes cast when there aren’t that many registered voters.

Oh well, it appears at this moment, the courts will have to step in and perhaps step on some of these unusual excesses favoring a Sleepy Joe while we were SLEEPING!

Meanwhile, please, leaders on both sides, may only legal votes by registered voters be accurately counted so whether our candidate wins or loses, we can all have faith in the process and confidence that it was conducted honestly and fairly. 

How we elect our leaders is fundamental to the integrity of our country, to our standing in the world and to our all remaining united in the United States of America.