Finally, it’s come.  Predilection Day when we exhibit our penchant for this or that party and our perhaps presumptuous preference for President.

It’s been a long stormy voyage to reach this destination, yet we may still not be able to drop anchor nor end our rancor for probably several more anxious days. 

But at best, the worst is over, the votes are in.  Whether they’ll stay in is another matter. 

At least now the howling advertising will stop and the vituperative attacks, name calling and character assassinations will cease, or at least quiet down for the time being.

Though not very pretty or civil at times, the vicissitudes and upheavals of wildly exuberant, often raucous and excessively impolite politics in a free country make us exceptional in the world. 

How we can go all the way to the abyss yet not fall from our declared cliffs of Independence is a sign of our collective character and our faith in what our founding fathers created—freedom.

No, it’s not easy, and it’s all so stomach-turning and nail biting, but it’s worth preserving and voting for. And yes, respecting that vote for no matter who wins, tomorrow will be a brighter day, which all of us shall see by the dawn’s early light. God bless America!