So will the Blue Wave and Red Wave now please stop breaking chops, flow forward and shake waves! 

Listen you wrangling waves, there’s only one true wave in America and while its colors are red and blue, let’s not forget that strip of white between them.   

We are the red, white and blue.  You got that, waves?  RED, WHITE AND BLUE!

So now that you both fought hard for what you believe in and what you think is the right course for our country, let’s not grouse too long about losing and charging fraud when there’s little or no evidence of any organized, large-scale cheating.

It’s time now to shake waves and work together. Time for all of us to be true red, white and blue Americans and come together in one big giant wave.

Please don’t mock the system when so many tried their best to make it a fair and honest election and to have done their best to count only the legal votes. 

It was a complicated, colossal endeavor, a noble enterprise, the largest exercise ever of a free country electing its leaders in a free and open process.  And it successfully generated the largest voter turnout we’ve ever had in the United States of America. 

Yes waves, the UNITED states.  While we can argue and disagree, let’s keep it that way!  UNITED!   And let’s add civil and respectful towards one another.

And those on the winning side, it would be nice to tell the losers they put up a good fight.  And you love them. And let’s remind each other that despite our party affiliations and political differences, we have much more in common as Americans.

Now let’s all say it together, in unison . . . God bless America!