Is Mark Zuckerberg Now an MD Whose Facebook Can Even Tell How Healthy You Are?

Mark Z PicAs the regulatory clock keeps ticking, Zuckerberg’s social media behemoth Facebook keep sailing right along trading at 21 times forward one-year earnings.  Some say this is low compared to where that multiple has reached in the past.

Still the giant keeps finding ways to create new revenue streams on other parts of the gigantic juggernaut it has on social networking, like Instagram.

Yet now a new Dr. Zuckerberg MD may have arisen and stumbled on or brilliantly discovered a healthier way to monetize its users by being able to predict their illnesses.   OMG!

A new academic study from Stony Brook University shows that Facebook is so plugged into its user base that the social media giant can accurately predict 21 or so user diseases or conditions, based on their Facebook usage.

Medical professionals are both surprised and intrigued to see what social media algorithms can contribute to disease prevention — and to see more of what Facebook can offer.

Could medical and technology experts use social media sites like Facebook and such splendiferous search engines to predict diseases based on user content profiles and site usage?  OMG!

Is there a role for Facebook to play in predicting illnesses? If so, will the medical sector harness this information and use it to produce better patient outcomes?

And will this blow the lid off the consumer privacy issue already in play for Facebook?

While I never thought of Zuckerberg as very altruistic or as a medical healer with a smooth bedside manner, I would love to know what his true feelings are about this?


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