Mr. President, you’ve won.  Instead of berating your favorite whipping boy “fake news” and rattling off “I told you so,” accept this win for the Gipper graciously.

Look. You’re winning across the board.  With the economy. With jobs. Internationally and now Mueller’s bullet misses you by a mile.

So please consider this advice from a crisis manager who has helped many a corporation to dodge bullets or recover from them.

As much as you need the secret service to protect you, now you need an openness to crisis management to raise you to a higher level.  Now that you and your family are in effect absolved from collusion with Russians, you must bring the country together.

Remember the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid?”  Well, the winning phrase today is this one, “It’s the country, stupid.”

No, it’s not the wall, not fake news, nor the swamp, nor one party over another.  Now it’s only what’s good for the country.  And please let the late Arizona senator John McCain rest in peace.

While your tone and theatrics entertain your base, please now take a higher road.

You’re too good, too smart, too important to all of us not to be a better president, a unifying President instead of a polarizing one.

Allow me to offer some constructive advice.

Stop calling the Mueller probe a witch hunt as it now backs you up.

Stop complaining how YOU are portrayed in the press, albeit often unfairly, and how YOU are misquoted, misunderstood, unappreciated.

Cease reminding people how unhappy you were with Sen. McCain’s casting that decisive vote against the healthcare bill.

Next time when you talk about events like Charlottesville, PLEASE Mr. President, start by blasting those neo Nazi’s and White Supremacists before simply deploring violence on both sides.

Cease tweeting about how unfairly and one-sidedly you are covered by certain media you brand as “fake news.”

Actually, I would argue the phrase “fake news” is incendiary and dysfunctional.  I’d strongly advise you to drop it from your vocabulary.

You would be less confrontational and sound more Presidential, more inclusive, wiser and unifying.

Call me anytime, Mr. President, at TransMedia Group.   My office is in Boca Raton, not far from Mar A Lago.

I’m here to serve you in your mission to Make America Great Again . . . or I would say Make America GREATER Again under your unifying leadership.

Remind your adversaries, “It’s the country, stupid!”  It’s not about you, or them, but it’s about our country and God Bless the United States of America.  So let us truly be UNITED!

(Mr. Madden’s book “Is there enough Brady in Trump to win the inSUPERable BOWL?” is available on Amazon)


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