How we Americans worship dieting, trimming down, becoming sleek and streamlined has become almost a fetish.  An addiction.


It’s now a passion pounding away at our stomachs whereas once upon a time it was sexy to be full figured.


Didn’t artists in the renaissance see curvaceously abundant bodies as beautiful?


Fatness was once thought to represent fertility, wealth, and beauty, but is now associated with ugliness and undesirability.


The famous Venus of Willendorf sculpture in Germany is thought to be a fertility goddess, an inspiration for expectant mothers.


Worship of svelte occurred with the introduction of global media and exposure to largely Western culture, mores, and entertainment. Now, in addition to the health and physiological problems associated with fatness, there is well-documented emotional damage in older societies from the “pathologization of heaviness.”

Could it be we have overdone dieting.  Is it time for Marie Osmond to put just a few pounds back on and stop exhorting us all to be lean?

To bring some balance into the picture, perhaps here should be her next TV commercial.


Hey there, skinny.  Tired of being thin and boring?  Missing that beer belly?  That gorgeous gut that once showed you’re a bear?  Those precious jowls?  That sexy double chin? 

Well try the TuttaFruitrasystems diet and gain 20 pounds your first day. 

Say hello belly fat. 

Get that full, bulging renaissancian figure back.  Take it from me.  Yes health is important, but you’ll be a lot happier not hungry!  And with a body no one can get their arms around, you’ll be an irresistible love challenge.

So feast away.  Stay on TuttaFruitrasystems and see yourself become a bigger person. Enjoy tasty mega-meals.  Sugary treats.  Wash ‘em down with sweet soda.  Bathe in those copious calories. 

Everyone thinks thin in in.  Don’t let them fool you into thinking losing weight is all there is to life.  Stick your stomach out.  Be proud you’re a non-stop eater and attractively overweight. 

Now don’t you prefer this rounder, renaissance version of me?  Artists, get out your brushes and start painting me!


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