My Daughter Enlightens Me About Safety: ‘Want to Stay Safe, Stay Off Ladders’

My daughter, Adrienne Madden Mazzone, keeps telling me about accidents, from minor to serious to fatal, involving electrocution and too often resulting from falling from a ladder. So, she tells me “Dad, please stay off ladders and be careful even on that step stool of yours. 

IN THE NEWS….are so many reports of injuries and deaths from ladder falls.

A man dies in New Jersey after falling from a ladder while removing Christmas lights and U.S. Rep. Greg Steube, a Republican congressman was seriously injured falling 25 feet off a ladder while cutting tree limbs at his home in Sarasota, Fl.

A worker is injured after falling off a ladder at a factory in Malta, a Belgian basketball star’s career is ruined after a ladder fall and in Massachusetts a man is severely injured falling from a ladder in high winds near Cape Cod.

In Australia injuries from ladder falls climb as doctors urge people to stay grounded in high winds. In Orlando, FL a 75-year-old man dies from a fall from a ladder while cleaning debris after a hurricane and in Long Island where I used to live, a man is seriously injured after falling off a ladder.

Ladder falls!  There are way too many of them and many victims are not as fortunate as the congressman, as they too often result in fatal injuries, especially while installing things like ceiling lighting fixtures and in the process crossing wires that spark causing falls off ladders.

Anything that gets people off their ladders quicker will save lives, Adrienne told me. 

As education and knowledge is not only enlightening, but power, Adrienne updates me on a company for which we occasionally do PR, SKYX Technologies about their developing a brand-new system that makes installing lighting in homes faster and safer.  The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently announced adding SKYX Technologies to their continuing education systems database. And AIA members as part of the mandatory annual continuing education required for architects are urged to understand, learn and implement it.

She shared these personal stories from many people about how installations of ceiling fans and ladders have changed, and maybe saved their lives.

“I was installing a light fixture in my home when suddenly I lost my balance and fell off the ladder. The impact of the fall rendered me unconscious and sent me to the hospital with severe injuries. My diagnosis included numerous broken bones, lacerations, and severe head trauma, which required multiple surgeries to repair. After months of physical therapy, I can finally walk again, but this unfortunate event reminded me just how important safety is for any activity involving heights or electricity,” said Mark Joseph, Founder of Parental Queries.  “No one should have to suffer a potentially fatal injury that could have been avoided by following simple safety protocols. Homeowners everywhere must take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their families from harm – only then can we truly enjoy our homes without fear or worry,” added Joseph.

“Without looking down to confirm, my husband tried to climb one step up and the ladder flipped over forward. Luckily, he didn’t suffer any major injuries, apart from a sprain in his one arm and a few bruises,” shared by Heather Welch, Resource Manager, Ukulele Tabs.

“A fall from any height has the potential to cause skin sores, fractured bones, or brain injuries. Home lighting installation is sometimes a solitary endeavor, so if a ladder accident occurs, no one will be present to assist you or stop your fall,” was Dave Chester, Owner,  Customcontrols input.

Homeowners take on projects for various reasons from basics like just wanting a change or upgrade, looking to save money or out of a sense of self accomplishment to say “I did that!”   We’re all guilty to some degree of taking on projects, even some we truly don’t think much about in terms of proper safety precautions or applying the “buddy system” when working. 

There’s so much research out there from sources, such as The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( and Occupational Injury and Illness Classification System manual.  Here you can view additional information gathered from surveys:

Here we are, 2023 well over 100 years since Benjamin Franklin’s electric break troughs…today, SKYX founder, Rani Kohen, is being called the “Bezos of electric.” Why?  Because this new system is saving lives and changing the electrical standards (see receptacles below).

Once you watch the video for the SKYX system,, you’ll have a great understanding and appreciation for what Kohen is doing by making installing electric infinitely safer by his having created a safe-smart plug & play ceiling outlet/receptacle that was voted both by ANSI / NEMA – to receive  highest standards and lauded by technical regulatory groups.

Now about Adrienne

Adrienne Madden Mazzone is President, TransMedia Group, the PR firm I founded, and TMGroup Productions and like her dad, she writes a lot for various publications including, The Boca Raton Tribune,, South Florida Insider, Business Women Media, Money Inc,  A/X Publisher, as well as a Speaker on PR, Communications & Marketing.  You can hear Adrienne on an interview here with David Brower. She’s electric with talent, skill and knowledge.

Go Adrienne.  Okay, I’m staying off ladders.