Attorney Peter Ticktin’s TicktinTok, will be different from TikTok as his APP will be ridin’ herd on grownups presenting their fun and sometimes not-so-fun rides on the legal system.

This APP intends to bring some comic relief to a legal system that sometimes strains too hard for political purposes and excesses of a few overzealous authorities.

Unlike TikTok for kids and some say Chinese snoopers too, TicktinTok will feature short video skits from subjects or victims of the whims, intolerances, and commandments of some politicized legal authorities like ones currently bearing down on Ticktin’s long-time buddy Donald Trump.

“While there’s TikTok for youngsters, soon there’ll be a TickinTok,  www.ticktintok.com, for grownups needing some comic relief from legal authorities breathing down their necks primarily for political purposes,” said Ticktin, a senior partner of The Ticktin Law Group in Deerfield Beach, Fl.   

“The APP will be designed to also provide greater insights into the true meaning of justice in a free and open country as often fun and satire can be effective learning tools or at least will provide some comic relief from political outliers,” said Ticktin.

“TicktinTok will not make fun of our legal system as we all need to respect the law,” said Ticktin.

“It will focus instead on just the occasional excesses of prosecutors like the ones in New York City currently hounding the former President.”

TicktinTok will be especially effective when it comes to shining light on false accusations about Trump as Ticktin feels some so-called law enforcers risk inciting disrespect for the law and maybe even civil unrest in how they’re using, or misusing, their legal authority and power for political purposes as Ticktin will explain in upcoming talks on TicktinTok.

Few know the law and limits of free speech as well as Ticktin, one of the most dedicated and informed lawyers in the country. 

He’s also an attorney who pulls no punches when it comes to fighting for what’s right, fair, and legal under our Constitution. 

For high school, Ticktin attended New York Military Academy serving under fellow cadet Trump who was his commanding officer. 

This was a significant leadership development time in their lives when they were both 17, which Ticktin wrote about in his book “What Makes Trump Tick.  

Tom Madden or TomMadden does his ticking with words tucked into countless articles, blogs and books like this latest WORDSHINE MAN about how to make writing inviting. When he’s not ticking in word land, he’s doing PR for clients at TransMedia Group, the PR firm he started ticking when he left NBC, and one of the Tom’s esteemed clients is Peter Ticktin.