Time to put caps on a sometimes-clumsy process called aging. Hit pause buttons, gain control.  And Dr. Z knows how!

Enough of this aging like there’s no tomorrow.  We have to start taking Dr. Z’s advice, his empowering supplements like Immune X 2.  Follow his fitness example. Live actively as he does in Idaho.  Stay more youthful longer!

Far too many of us are heading in the wrong direction, hurting ourselves, spiraling into discomfort and pain, untimely inactivity . . . partly from mishaps, mostly from a sedentary lifestyle accelerating aging.

We must start following the AgeFitMd, Dr. Z’s prescriptions for a healthier, more active and robust, pain-free life. He’s a heroic, modern-day Robin Hood, a highly-skilled anti-aging archer who robs flab he converts into fitness. 

Do what Dr. Z says, practice what he does himself to peel off years so we can all tell aging to go take a hike.

Dr. Zarse is the founding member of Idaho Spine and Pain and certified by the American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians. He specializes in the most advanced interventional techniques available anywhere on this perspiring planet. 

He’s an MD whiz at empowering people over 45 and stays proactive with them throughout their aging journey, keeping it healthfully slow, sure and steady.

Some of you are on a course that’s making you fatigue sooner, age faster while your competitors are getting younger by the minute. 

See all the top jobs being scooped up by guys and gals who look like they just graduated from high school. Soon they’re vice presidents and a few minutes later, CEOs looking even younger, smiling even more broadly at us aging along a speedway to AARP membership. 

So, let’s get on our treadmills, start pumping off those years and looking vibrantly younger and YOUNGER!  Keep competitive.  Don’t walk to work . . . SKIP!  HOP!  RUN!  Act like the grim reaper is chasing you. 

Now let’s get going . . . the other way . . . in the opposite direction from that painful, debilitating condition known as AGING.   Ugh.  Aging is for the birds. Stay fit and have nothing to do with it.  Live longer . . . healthier!  More fit!  And with a stronger immune system!

Right Dr. Z?   Keep inspiring and rejuvenating us.  You’re our anti-aging hero! 

An avid beach walker and Dr. Z fan, Tom Madden is an author of countless published articles and books, including his latest, WORDSHINE MAN, available on Amazon. He also creates TV series like Xtra Terresla with main character is modeled after Tesla founder Leon Musk. Madden is CEO of TransMedia Group, a public relations firm serving clients worldwide since 1981.