PLANNING TO TRAVEL? Here’s MaddenMischief summer reading list to cart along

As life begins to open up this summer and many of us hope to travel, to finally hit the road or just surrender to a beach blanket or plop on a chaise lounge parked under a flapping umbrella, think about reading a good book as we return to ole normal-like times.

Here are five titles to make your transport to semi-normalcy more pleasant, enlightening, and entertaining.  So, pop these five wonderful 5-star winners into your travel bag and have a most memorable, experiential, eye-opening, brain-massaging trip.

418 I AM A TEAPOT    

Let’s start with Edgar Scott’s fantasy novel 418 I AM A TEAPOT that will take you off to a near-future dystopian time, into an eerily familiar world where people by choice, birth or punishment relinquish their rights to their physical body.

Their brains exist in a constantly connected virtual interface where they enjoy a fantasy world of endless indulgencies, yet their minds have fun, their bodies are controlled by implants that make them do dirty work or dangerous jobs. 

When 418’s physical body is broken, “it” must come to terms with reality or face “permanent retirement.”  Its journey is one of enlightenment and introspection as it struggles with its desire to join in on a society that oppresses it and manipulates the working class.  This book is a rallying cry against the status quo that will make you squirm in your beach chair as you compare the present times we’re living in, which sometimes aren’t so pleasant.


Now from “permanent retirement,” we go to “no retirement” as author Nany J Hite, founder of The Strategic Wealth Advisors®, tells us eloquently how our ideas about retirement are dissipating before our eyes and are now merely a mirage.

Her book explains how we are all living longer as the world is changing at record speed due to ever advancing technology, which is making old notions about retirement antiquated.

It’s time to think differently, advises the long-time fiduciary financial advisor in her thought-provoking, financially inspiring, brightly intelligent book.

In it she gives many practical ideas on how to assess your financial situation and offers tools you need to prepare for the realities of your financial future.   The book offers advice for all ages on what other so-called experts won’t tell you what’s really ahead.   Bravo, Nancy!


Don’t miss reading this insightful book about the struggles and triumphs of immigrants abroad especially at a time when we’re so focused on immigration becoming a dire problem on our southern border that we may miss the human side of millions of personal stories. 

Here’s a book Vice President Kamala Harris should read when she warns immigrants “do not come,” but is vague about when she’ll visit our southern border herself.  She and others wanting to keep immigrants where they are, despite desperate poverty in their home countries ravaged by dangerous criminals should read the story of Filipino Lani Samson in this book Lani co-authored with Dr. Eli Fischer. 

This is a truly timely, compelling and meaningful book whose uplifting message is so callously current as Lani, a poor woman from the Philippines tells how she endured pain, suffering and anguish until finally overcoming poverty and surviving the ordeals of immigration to a new Holy Land, Israel.   

This is a profound story of how Lani persevered onto new frontiers where kindness and love finally rescued her and hopefully many immigrants like her thanks to good souls with big hearts and generous natures like Eli Fischer, a household name in Israel whose products are in every home in Israel.”


No matter what side of the political fence you’re on, here’s a side of former President Trump you’ll be amazed to know.  That’s because author Peter Ticktin, CEO of Ticktin Law Group, tells how he was Donald Trump’s former platoon sergeant when they were both teenagers attending New York Military Academy.     

The book gives a whole new perspective on how President Trump became the man he is today.  It’s a perfect uplifting story to read before, during and after your summer trip. And if you think Trump is leaving the scene, Ticktin says “forget it.” As the book is available in airports across the country, it’s become “the traveler’s best friend,” and Ticktin believes everyone should know Trump as he does.

Ticktin graduated from New York Military Academy in 1964. He was in the same senior class as Donald Trump.  In fact, they lived in the same section of the barracks.  When Trump was the captain of Company A, he promoted Ticktin to the rank of platoon Sergeant of the 1st Platoon, and the two worked hand in hand through most of their senior year, together.  They have known each other through life.

Since his admission to The Florida Bar in 1991, Ticktin has led the HIV litigation fight in the early 1990’s and has been a champion for the little guy and gal against discrimination, and for small business.  Lately, he was the one who unearthed the robo-signers in the mortgage foreclosure field, providing all the states attorney generals with what they needed to win a $30 Billion settlement with the banks.


Abella Starts a Tooth Fairy School . . . After the world’s first tooth fairy, Abella, returned to Tulip Hollow with the first pearly white tooth, all the fairies were frantic to have one. Overwhelmed by her friends’ requests, Abella realized she must start a tooth fairy school.

The Adventures of Abella and Her Magic Wand . . .Abella’s big dream has finally come true. After years of fantasizing and months of studying, Abella receives her magic wand. She vows to take the responsibility of wand ownership seriously and all the power that comes with it. But is Abella ready for this big responsibility?

Yes, wherever you travel, take Abella along.  Few write children’s stories with such magical aplomb, such genuine appreciation for a child’s depth of imagination, zest for fantasy and love of adventure as Zane Carruth.

Zane is the tooth fairy protagonist personified who tells her enchanting tales in such a way that enlivens literature for children whom she enthralls with her unique style of storytelling. 

Her charming books create in children’s minds a lasting bond with artful storytelling, delivered so masterly reaching a Zane zenith.  Children, read, enjoy and love her stories.  The characters she creates will love you back forevermore. 

Safe travels everyone! 

Besides an inveterate blogger, Tom Madden is an author of countless published speeches, articles and five books, including his latest, WORDSHINE MAN, available this summer on Amazon.   He is the founder and CEO of TransMedia Group, an award-winning public relations firm serving clients worldwide since 1981 and has conducted remarkably successful media campaigns and crisis management for America’s largest companies and organizations.