How frighteningly different will be this Halloween!

We’ll all have these same two trick or treaters racing to our doorstep.

One is a sleepy-looking, but intensely irritated Joe Biden wearing a monstrous facemask. 

He says “Don’t believe this clown next to me.  He has no fracking sense how to be a president of ALL the people, which I will be as your President soon as I end fracking.”

The other is a barefaced, chest-out, fully energized Trump flashing a huuuuuge smile who says: “Don’t bother giving Joe any money as he gets all he needs from China and his son, the Deer Hunter.”

They both have their hands out asking for our vote.

So, to which one should we give our candy?

I suggest tossing it in the air to see who wants it more and let the best man win. 

But watch out!  From out of nowhere an hysterically laughing Kamala might leap up and grab it.