Larry Klayman’s latest book “It Takes a Revolution,” pulls no punches just like Larry, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, does boldly, but politely in courtrooms across the country, often to the exasperation of legions of federal judges who are perhaps not as uncomfortable or outraged as he is over injustices and corruption he often sees crawling “like cockroaches” throughout our government and legal system.  

Larry has probably the most Jeffersonian view of America in terms of his envisioning a dangerous doctrine inherent in federal judges, unelected by the people, acting as the ultimate arbiters of constitutional and other legal questions amid hardening leftist conspiracies, schemes and violence which will require a revolution to put down.

No, Larry’s not shy about calling out the government officials and bureaucrats and the media which props them up, when he thinks they’ve overstepped their bounds or have become at times a bit too protective of the Deep State, where he says “it’s harder to remove government functionaries, including politically appointed ones, from their jobs than it is to remove a cancerous growth in one’s anal canal.”

Larry cites numerous examples of corruption and bias involving former presidents, federal court judges and certain media who he says haven’t played fair with him or his clients.  “After toiling in the bowels of our legal system for 44 years,” he believes the nation cannot be restored to that shining city on a hill envisioned by President Reagan without a peaceful and legal revolution!

If that does not succeed, the alternative as forecast by Jefferson, who predicted that the “blood of patriots” would eventually have to be shed again, is not pretty!

In this brutally frank, eye-opening book, Klayman explains how he came to know a lot about the illegal mass surveillance of intel departments, and federal law enforcement agencies resulting from his filing complaints against the  Obama intelligence agencies, most particularly the NSA and CIA.

This occurred after Edward Snowden revealed their illegal mass surveillance on millions of America citizens.   In one of the biggest legal victories of his career, Klayman obtained two preliminary inunctions against them in 2014 and 2015 enjoining their mass surveillance, which was in violation of the Fourth Amendment prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures.  

Larry explains how he was able to predict from the get-go how authoritarians, unaccountable judges, extreme leftists, corrupt law enforcement and the deep state would use its spying powers to try to take down the newly elected 45th president.

This forthright and brutally frank book offers insight into why Klayman makes morally righteous waves in courtrooms across the country and why he believes that things are too far gone to be solved at the ballot box, but instead it will take a revolution to keep America on a course consistent with what our founding fathers envisioned—a nation where there is liberty and justice for all.     

Larry’s new book can be purchased on and all major booksellers. It is a must read and is totally different than any other book on the shelves this election season. It’s shelf life will last far beyond November 3, 2020 and does not depend on whether Trump or Biden assumes the presidency on January 20, 2021, as he teaches that We the People must ourselves fight to set the nation back on the right course, as there is no political messiah!