As Guest Speaker at the ‘20 Days To Save The USA’ Conference, I’m Going to Suggest Giving to Those Who Riot, Destroy Property and Curse Police—Free Cheese

You know what happens to mice in mousetraps, don’t you?  Well, they meet an unhappy end because they think the cheese is free.  So, is it right to just plunk down those tasty cheese balls?  This is what I’m going to ask attendees at the virtual conference “20 Days To Save The USA” Oct. 15 through Election Day.

I’ll explain how this is the same death knell embodied in the cheesy lure of socialism.  It’s the giveaway culture’s winged siren, the free this and that, which stultifies initiative, dampens dreams and discourages working hard, learning and aspiring to achieve a better life for oneself and ones’ family.  It’s another mousetrap.

The biggest threat to our way of life will never come from the outside, but from within, I plan to say, echoing President Abraham Lincoln who led the most polarized Nation on earth through its greatest moral, constitutional and political crisis.

Conference speakers will issue clarion calls for U.S. citizens to take back the USA from the usurpers of liberty obsessed with socialism, said event organizer Jerry McGlothlin, founder of celebrity media booking agency Special Guests where conference can be attended virtually.

Seminar topics include right to bear arms, border security, limited government, right to life, anarchy in Democratic Downtowns, Cancel Culture, Covid-19.

One of the keynote speakers will be Peter Ticktin, an esteemed lawyer and client of my PR firm, TransMedia Group.  Peter is also one of my closest friends and confidants.  He’ll talk fondly about one of his lifelong pals, President Trump, with whom he attended New York Military Academy when they were teenagers.  Peter tells all about it in his new book What Makes Trump Tick available on Amazon.

AMONG OTHER SPEAKERS:  Former President Clinton senior political advisor Dick Morris , Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis, Sheriff David Clarke, Sharron Angle, Templeton Prizewinner Augie Turak, Former Planned Parenthood’s Abby Johnson, Tom Dewese, Dr. Patricia Ware, Stephen Willeford, who stopped most deadly church shooting, Prager University’s Will Witt, Congressional candidate John Cummins, former GOP state chairmen Ed Martin and Jeff Crouere, Berle Lorenzo Stocks, Pacific Justice Institute’s Brad Dacus, police officer-turned-pastor Carl Gallups, Emmy winning documentarian Franklin Raff, Filmmaker Sam Sorbo, NOQ Editor JD Rucker, authors Dr. Michael Brown “Evangelicals at the Crossroads,” Linda Seger, “Jesus Rode a Donkey.”

Here’s what I’ll tell them about me.

To tell Tom Madden to stop spinning, inventing products like his Knife and Forklift™ that helps you exercise while eating, and writing articles, blogs and books is like telling the government to stop spending—pointless.  My popular blog is MaddenMischief. My books include Spin Man, Kingof the CondoIs There Enough BRADY in TRUMP to Win the inSUPERable Bowl? and my latest, Love Boat 78 available on Amazon.