Meet The Real Me From Planet Publicity

Tom Madden handsome

Like many in my profession, I’ve lived a good part of my princely peripatetic life on Planet Publicity.  Our mission?  Making enterprising earthlings rich and famous!  My name’s Tom Madden.

A boisterous boutique PR firm I launched in Manhattan in the early 80s rocketed the careers and bottom lines of many entrepreneurs and their businesses to awesome altitudes . . . into opulent orbits.

We fuel them with the most formidable form of marketing that still exists today even in these perilous, riotous times when sadly there’s a dearth of mirth on earth–Publicity!

Now digitally delivered, publicity comes faster, is more flexible and can be aimed and friendly fired at targets like an amiable assault rifle.

Judging from my rapid ascents up Rockefeller Center’s tallest, stateliest buildings, some might say I was a heavy hitter, but what a publicist needs to be is a never quitter.  PR firms hound media non-stop until their clients get the recognition they deserve.

When I left NBC, I was the #2 astronaut at 30 Rock being the right hand to then CEO Fred Silverman.

Then I rocketed myself up into PR space launching one of the country’s high-powered, award-winning firms, TransMedia Group.

Over the years TransMedia’s clients have included industry captains and skippers of many of America’s largest, most successful companies and organizations, from AT&T to the City of New York.

When Carl sold Rexall Sundown for $1.6 billion, he’d say how much our non-stop product publicity helped.  The many millions of dollars’ worth of media exposure we generated yearly for his nutritional supplements became his booster-rockets, lifting him into billionaire orbit.

Yes, we publicists have helped enterprising entrepreneurs worldwide to become not only wealthy, but well known, praised and appreciated.  I wrote a book about it, “Spin Man,” and several more since then, including my latest, a steamy paperback, “Love Boat 78.  You’ll find it on Amazon with moist lips and a flirtatious smile.  I recommend reading it at arm’s length for proper moral distancing.

Now working alongside me is my talented, indefatigable co-pilot daughter Adrienne and her tireless crew.  Together we propel clients to nose-bleed levels of branding through media exposure across all channels, platforms and galaxies.

So why just advertise to skeptical, indifferent earthlings, often with blind eyes and deaf ears.  Let them read about you, hear about you from more trusted sources in print and broadcast and on social media.

The most business-generating exposure comes from the rockets that blast off from publicity launchpads at PR firms like mine in Boca Raton and from our office in Rome, Italy.

PR has the power to make you, your company, your charity or hobby pricelessly, permanently, ubiquitously known by making what every business, event or personality must be . . . NOBLY NEWSWORTHY!