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You probably carried their A-Pass® with you when you last took a cruise.  It was your identity card throughout your voyage.  When you presented it upon your return from excursions at different ports,  they’d swiftly check you into their security ID system as back onboard.

Happily this great company, Sisco Corp, the leader in Visitor Management Solutions since 1994, is back onboard my firm TransMedia Group.  Years ago we did PR for SISCO and now they’ve returned so we can highlight their latest products.  How gratifying is that!

This time our PR will focus on how SISCO’s intelligent security and tracking plays a critical role as businesses reopen and people return to work.  SISCO stands for Security Identification Systems Corporation.

We’ll be buzzing with news about how SISCO CORP’s contactless visitor management solution keeps visitors and employees safe during the visitor registration process at facilities. This product line enhancement was designed in response to the recent pandemic and is fully compliant with the CDC’s recommendations for mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

“We’re glad to have TransMedia shedding light on our new line of Identity Management Solutions. In response to the recent pandemic, our team has developed several solutions based on the CDC’s recommendations for stopping the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace,” said SISCO CEO, Anthony Zagami.

TransMedia will show how SISCO is developing leading-edge solutions for credentialing and tracking the general public, all of which are compliant with new legislation, including a camera that takes  pictures and temperatures at the same time.

Their systems are designed to monitor, control and appropriately authorize passage in and out of designated areas, whether ships, schools or businesses. In SISCO access control applications, movements are controlled by matching characteristics and biometrics of an individual to a database for authorization.

Additionally, SISCO access control systems offer a wide range of features and benefits including identification of individuals and assets, automatic data collection, authentication and verification of travel documents, as well as generating customizable reports and badges.

Markets such as airlines, marine, cruise lines, correctional, military, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, government, homeland security and others depend on SISCO’s technology to achieve unprecedented security controls while maintaining efficiency and reliability.

So, welcome back SISCO CORP!

We couldn’t be more pleased to represent a company whose products are the leading edge of security and tracking at a time when staying safe is so paramount.

For more information on SISCO, follow the link to their website here and Facebook and LinkedIn.

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