Ever Fly on a Plane Held Together With Masking Tape?


We did. Sadly we were on our way to bury my beloved wife Angela at St. John’s Cemetery in Queens, NY. This was the sticky scene Feb. 28 aboard Delta Flight 2289 from West Palm Beach to NYC-LaGuardia. My poor darling had died on Sunday, Feb. 24, after a long, torturous battle with breast cancer. I’m positive she’s in heaven now and finally pain free.

When the cabin door closed, the flight crew prepared for takeoff, closing all the overhead bins, except for one . . . the one over my head. It refused to cooperate.

The stewardess tried slamming it, but somehow the lock wouldn’t catch. After several attempts, she took the key on the chain around her neck, stood up on her tippy toes trying to insert it in the bin’s lock, but to no avail. Despite repeated attempts, the lock just wouldn’t work.

Then she and another attendant hurriedly unloaded all the carry-ons thinking perhaps the bin was overloaded, maybe had too much weight and was gasping for air, so they stuffed the bags, coats and hats into other bins.

Still the stubborn bin wouldn’t shut its big fat mouth now mocking the frustrated flight crew.

Then a handsome steward rushed over to rescue the damsels in distress. But this knight’s sword was a roll of masking tape, with which he tried valiantly to keep the door shut. He was using ordinary masking tape, mind you, not duct tape or heavy-duty gorilla tape, but thin, easy-to-peel-off masking tape. No, this was no knight in shining armor. Instead of slaying the dragon bin, all he could do was apply loose strips to try to stop it from laughing out loud.

Then off we went up into the wild blue yonder all put back together . . . with masking tape.

For a little comedy relief, I peeled off one of the strips, stuck it on the side of my face, letting it dangle there, stood up and asked my daughter in the row behind me if there might be other parts of the plane held together by masking tape.

Everyone laughed. Thank you Delta. It was a moment that masked our grief. But next time please carry duct tape, and be forever known as . . .


Duck Tape Delta.

Mask-taped Madden

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  1. This is the 1st I have heard of the passing of Angela. Sending my condolences to you and your family. As her name states, and the brief interactions I’ve had with her the past 1.5 years, I could sense that she is an Angel. May she rest in peace. Am sure she was laughing with you, during this unusual flight experience. Make Today Great & God Bless! Tom

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