Free At Last


My Beloved Departed Angela Back in Our PR Heyday in Manhattan Together


Upon the death of my beloved wife Angela early Sunday morning, I wrote to a friend of ours in prison for a non-violent offence. Occasionally she’d pray on the phone with Bill who felt a kind of kinship with Angela as she too was imprisoned by her breast cancer. It had spread throughout, finally executing her liver, causing unimaginable pain and ultimately her death. Bill wrote a book titled “Dursturbed” about alleged serial killer Robert Durst whom he knew years ago. The PR firm Angela and I started in 1981 in New York, TransMedia Group, is promoting the book, despite cameras not being allowed in the prison. Here’s what I wrote to him:

The light has flown from my life. My beloved Angela left us all early this morning. In a way she was released from the binds of her earthly suffering, freed from that penitentiary of pain she was confined in for so long, my poor darling.

Talk about a leniency hearing. God heard her and granted her freedom. I’m thankful for His mercifully putting an end to her suffering. In the final moments it was unbearable to watch. But now she rests in peace. Free from torment.

While I’ve never felt so alone, I’m relieved her misery at last is over. She appreciated your loving kindness, your many gifts and the prayers you said together over the phone. She had so much love to give to so many. How much will we all miss her smile, her love, her faith? Molto!

In the PR firm we created together in New York, TransMedia Group, we blazed trails of publicity for the biggest clients, from AT&T to the The City of New York. I was the spin doctor. She was the beauty and the brains. May God rest her beautiful soul. My dearest, now departed wife. How much I will miss her, but at last she won’t suffer.

Her cancer might have beaten her body, but never her indomitable spirit. And my brave darling is now free at last and I’m sure feeling right at home in heaven.



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