Over the Next Several Weeks, I’ll Be Giving You Some Energy Eye Openers,  Starting With These First Three, Thanks to the Experts at EnergyProfessionals Who’ve Opened My Eyes.


  1. Did you know that If you live in 1 of the 16 deregulated states, you don’t have to pay the utilities rate?   That’s right.  You have a choice!  Really?  Yes, you have a choice as to who supplies your energy!  More likely than not, you can choose a different supplier through an energy choice program that is significantly lower than the utilities price.


  1. A plant or company’s energy bills too often are 10%-30% higher than they should be.  There was a church in New York for example that was paying 40% more than they should have until they hooked up with an energy broker.  Yes just like there are brokers in real estate and other industries, there are definitely brokers in energy, including leading brokers like EnergyProfessionals.  Once Energy Professionals stepped in, the church got a much better rate from a new supplier.  Was it a miracle?  No, just smart business.


  1. Did you know states are going green!   You bet.  Green is in big time. Massachusetts’s law makers, for example, just filed legislation to make Massachusetts run on 100% renewable energy by 2045. 

Look for more next week!                                                                                 TM                                         


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