Scion of South Korean Entrepreneurial Family Justine Sinclair Creates App Called ‘dreamOway’ to Help Others Fulfill Dreams Like Hers When She Came to the U.S.

Passionate About The Environment, The Society Businesswoman also Just joined The Global Warming Foundation Board of Directors


Scientist turned entrepreneur Justine Sinclair has joined The Global Warming Foundation board of diectors to help advance the foundation’s mission, vision and purpose outlined recently in its published White Paper (

TGWF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization whose mission is to educate and provide information to those concerned about the existential threat of greenhouse gas caused climate change.

The Global Warming Foundation believes increased desertification of the planet’s food producing land, the ocean’s warming leading to greater storms, plus increased droughts, floods, wild fires, and other untoward effects of global warming are leading exponentially to more disasters globally.

These phenomena are threating the very survival of numerous species of animal and plant life, while causing hordes of people to flee draught-stricken areas in desparate hopes of emmigrating to more secure and prosperous countries like the U.S.

Environmental Studies

Justine is combining her expertise in energy and environmental studies with her ambition of spreading entrpreneurship by launching her very own APP “dreamOway.”  The unique app allows people to post a dream/ambition they have and connect with others who can actually contribute funds, knowledge and resources to advance their journey to fulfilling their dream.  Justine brings a very diverse skill set to The Global Warming Foundation.

Not only is Justine passionate about helping others thrive through her dreamOway app, but she wants to protect the planet from all those who abuse its resources and ignore their impact on an increasingly fragile ecosystem.

The daugher of one of the most successful business families in South Korea, Justine was born in Sweeden, attended schools in South Korea and achieved her own dream of coming to America, where she graduated from Boston University. From her Energy and Environmental studies she obtained appropriate knowledge for her role as a foundation board member.

While studying for her masters degree, she had the opportunity to intern with the US geological survey-Hydrogeology and Oil Spilling field.  Her passion for the environment all began with this internship where she observed first-hand the impacts and perils that humans have created for the planet.



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