Mr. President, Give In and You’ll Win


Mr. President, I totally agree with you. I too see the need for a barrier or wall on our southern border, plus other security measures. It’s imperative that our country deals forthrightly with the growing crisis from caravan after caravan of bad people interspersed with deserving immigrants seeking asylum.

If you bravely throw in the towel, you’d be doing it not out of weakness, but out of courage and strength in sparing our Military and important government personnel, not to mention countless citizens, they serve, protect and safeguard from jeopardy.

Imagine if a plane crashes due to a shortage of security personnel. Imagine if anything happened to your staff. To our economy from a prolonged government shutdown.

Please take it from me, as I’m a pretty good crisis manager who has helped many of America’s largest corporations to deal with severe crises.

You do this and Democrats and Republicans will appreciate it and thank you. And the country will demand that speaker Pelosi and Sen Schumer be just as fair and do the right thing in granting the reasonable amount you’re requesting to fix the problem at the border, once and for all.

Do it, Mr. President. Give in and you win!

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