Father Forgive Me


First I want to THANK YOU, all of you who’ve been reading my blogs, especially those who’ve liked, shared and commented favorably on them. I look forward to continuing them in 2019.  Of course, there are always exceptions.


Here’s a maddening, empathy-empty exchange of emails with someone I’ll just call “Christian.”  He calls me arrogant as hell to dare write about Jesus and then share my blasphemous blogs with his eminence without first asking him. I suppose we’re all tired of being bombarded with emails, especially around the holidays, but I thought Christian would appreciate a few uplifting stories about his savior, Jesus.  How wrong I was.  He fires off this ‘love’ note at me:


Your immaturity and desperation amuses me.  Before assuming I need an email from you about Jesus, and whatever else you were blabbing about, you might be polite enough to ask………Again, I wish not to receive any emails from you, or in common language UNSUBSCRIBE. 


I respond:


Dear Grouch, next time when you email “unsubscribe,” I wouldn’t do it so publicly to the entire email flock as it doesn’t look good for a so-called Christian to so blatantly reject a holiday gift of uplifting stories about Jesus, heavenly investing and three major monotheistic religions.      


He responds:


Park your arrogant pride elsewhere. 


My final response:


As a crisis manager, I often see how communications without empathy reveal an insensitivity to the feelings of others.  I can’t help seeing this exchange as systematic of how some organizations “unsubscribe” from effectively responding to a PR crisis.  No more emails from me, bud.  Consider yourself excommunicated.  Happy New Year!


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