One of the sexiest gals in my talent agency,TransMedia Versatile Talent, is the famous Trump Divorcée Lynn Aronberg. Here Lynn picks the best online dating apps she’s become such an expert on since her highly publicized divorce.

And Guys, if you want to score big, I suggest you follow Lynn’s Advice on how best to present yourself online to critical lookers like Lynn!

First guys you have to choose from a plethora of dating APPs and SITES. Here are what sites Lynn is on and how she rates them.

I can be found on the following dating sites: Millionaire Match (not matchmaker), Bumble (don’t love it, but beggars can’t be choosers), The League (targets intellectuals), and Jswipe (Jewish dating app).

Now men, here are Lynn’s pointers for how to present yourselves in the most attractive way.According to Lynn:  

Enough Sunglasses –we only need one photo of you wearing your sunnies. Everyone looks good in shades! Take em off! But keep your shirt on, please! Unless you’re waterskiing.
No pictures from your bed. It’s just downright creepy.
You’re likely not a model so why so many serious selfies?? Smile and act like a normal human being.
We only need one photo of you at the gym. We get it. You work out.
Suggested photos –1)  professional headshot from your day job, 2) photo with your dog, 3) photo doing something you enjoy like hiking or waterskiing!, 4) photo from an interesting place you’ve traveled to, 5) another casual headshot that shows off your pearly whites and your friendly, approachable demeanor.    
Don’t post photos of you and a bunch of your friends….UNLESS you’re WAY better looking and taller than your pals AND can explain which one is you…this works because then we have a point of reference and know we are getting the star of the bunch. It’s safer to just eschew the group photos all together.
Disclose your height in your bio…we’re going to find out if you’re 4’11 at some point…so please don’t waste our time.
Disclose your profession….again, we’re going to find out one way or another if you flip burgers or perform brain surgery…please don’t waste our time.
Finallyask a female friend or relative for advice on your profile.

*Lynn is Founder & CEO of Lynn Aronberg Public Relations,  Yes, since I own the international PR firm TransMedia Group, she’s technically a competitor, but you got to love a competitor as nice as Lynn, who btw used to work for me.  She was one of the best publicists I ever hired.     ​​​​​​TM  

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