Funny, the guys you wade into in front of my oceanfront Boca Raton Resort and Club.

Steve Budin and I were the only ones in the ocean late in the day a few weekends ago and while waste deep we started chatting about everything and anything.  He asked me to wade in front of him so I’d be the bait.  Haha, I told him “I’ll just be an appetizer.”

Shortly after we met, Steve had the good sense to bet on my blog and he’s a most welcome subscriber as he’s not only accomplished, but a fun guy to wade around with.  He’s CEO of a major sports betting company and a true Vegas “sports advisor.”

Budin’s a former bookie who got into trouble, but then made it big in the sports betting world.  He was staying at my club with his fiancée.

Steve wrote the book on modern gambling, “Bets, Drugs and Rock & Roll” revealing everything about the rise and fall of the world’s first offshore gambling.

Judging from the size of the gold chain around his neck, I told him his fiancée made “a smart bet doubling down on him.”

We talked about how cell phones and the digital world were making some malls deserted, except for Caesar’s in Vegas were restaurants and museums keep the mall bustling.

We chatted how some casino stocks were still decent bets as long as they had operations in China and why my hometown Atlantic City sadly went downhill thanks in part to maybe the actions or inactions of Governor Christie.

When I looked Bud up on the Internet, I was impressed to see all the media exposure he has received.  Keep in mind that’s coming from a PR guy accustomed to media exposure.  That’s what I serve up at TransMedia Group when not swimming.

Prior to legal sports betting, Bud said in interviews on FOX and other outlets that it belongs onshore, not offshore as 99.9% of sports betters don’t get into trouble.

The crack cocaine of gambling is not sports betting, he said, where the average lone bet is only $25, but on blackjack tables and video poker where multiple bets are made by the minute.

Thanks Bud for the tip and the dip.   You’re smart guy and fun to swim with.  Hope you enjoy wading into

Hey you out there.  When not betting sports, how about reading my latest book “Is there enough Brady in Trump to win the inSUPERable BOWL?” available on Amazon.   I’ll bet you two-to-one you’ll enjoy it!


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