Of all the scrawls, of all the bloggers, in all the world, you have to click into mine.


Thank you, but I thought I told you never to play “As Time Goes By.”

My dear most intelligent, discriminating and adventurous readers of MaddenMischief, I want you to see my new signature on my business email.

So who does this guy remind you of?


I’ll give you a hint from a slice of film noir dialogue.

I’ve got a job to do, too. Where I’m going, you can’t follow. What I’ve got to do, you can’t be any part of, Ilsa.

I’m no good at being noble, but it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you’ll understand that.

If you like my new signature, please email me at tmadden@transmediagroup.com.

If you don’t like it, do me a favor and point your email at my least vulnerable spot, my heart.  Pull the trigger and fire at tmadden@;lka;j;lj;lkja;lsda;sdfkjadaadfadfjap.com/edy.

I chose this new signature one day after seeing for the umpteenth time a rerun of my favorite film, Casablanca, on my favorite cable TV channel, TCM.

For those of you under 20, TCM stands for Turner Classic Movies, the classic movie channel started by the ex-husband of Henry Fonda’s daughter, Jane.

If you don’t know who Henry Fonda is, maybe you should go back to Bulgaria.

I’m such a devoted TCM viewer than once Angela and I, together with her brother Nick and his wife, Jo, sailed together on the first classic TCM cruise out of Port of Miami.

On the cruise to Cozumel, we hung out with then TCM host, the late, elegant Robert Osborne, and with a bevy of movie stars including the late Ernest (Marty) Borgnine.  Oh how we loved to hear in person that gruff, but calm voice, and behold his Machiavellian eyebrows and that gap-toothed Cheshire cat grin.

Then there was sexy Tippi (The Birds) Hedron and charming Eva Marie Saint, up from On the Waterfront.

Unfortunately there are lots of “late’s” along the TCM trail, but they’re still acting up a storm, thank goodness, every night in their classic movie roles.

So that’s the celluloid side of me I find as relaxing as a few glasses of Chateau Ste Michelle, my favorite merlot.

And reader, knowing all this about me, I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

BTW a sliver of my Tinseltown background might have slipped into my latest book, “Is there enough Brady in Trump to win the inSUPERable BOWL?”. . . available on Amazon!

But even if you don’t read it . . . we’ll always have Paris.



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