When is this damn Flu season ever going to end?  And if you catch it afterward, to whom can you complain?

Why does hurricane season go so slowly?  Take so excruciatingly long in Florida?  What did we do to deserve this?

Speaking of wind, when will Mueller’s investigation ever end?   And how criminal is collusion anyway, if there ever was any?

When will nuts like crazy Cruz never be able to ever buy a handgun, let alone a semi-automatic?

Why are we so vigilant about what people carry onto jets and into courtrooms, but not what nuts carry into schools full of innocent, defenseless children?

When will Trump ever stop tweeting?  Giving thumbs up?   Calling Cher and terrorists “losers?”  Saying yugely instead of hugely.

What will it take to make Melania look at ease?

When does hay fever season start and finish and why do people say “bless you” or “Gesundheit?”  Isn’t it embarrassing enough just to sneeze?

What the heck does “natural” mean these days that you see on so many packaged foods, beverages and consumer products?  Just as we saddled “organic” with some sense, isn’t it time to rein in “natural?”

Why don’t billionaires give more money to good causes?  Do they think they’ll fit through that proverbial needle’s eye if they die so rich?

When will Democrats and Republicans in Congress see one another not just as opponents, but Americans?

Why can’t we remember we’re descendants of immigrants?

Who was the bored-out-of-his-skull inventor of curling, and how on earth did this curly pastime become an Olympic sport?  It gives me the curls.

What do you think the stock market will do tomorrow?   Fluctuate?  How Yugely?

And now the $64,000 question:

why haven’t you bought my book yet: “Is there enough Brady in Trump to win the inSUPERable BOWL?” available on Amazon? 

What in Trump’s name are you waiting for? 

A personal invitation?  A yugely personal invitation?

Well here it is! 

Yugely yours, Madden!


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