Irony Alert

Notwithstanding the truth behind global warming, could President Trump actually be on the right track to confronting climate change?  Wouldn’t many of his detractors find that preposterous?  Incredible?  Ironic?

Peter Ticktin, a brilliant attorney whose background is in science, believes Trump has the right answer in his insightful blog “What’s Tickin,’ America?” whatstickinamerica.com.

While in college, he saw validity in the Global Warming theory and soon was convinced it was true long before it became a common belief.

In 1974 at age 29, he gave up his then law practice, bought a farm and embarked on a 10-year study on climate, its adverse effects on our planet, and ways to address them. Eventually he became an expert in the field (literally).

In 2009, Ticktin started The Global Warming Foundation, not to preach, but to inform those already accepting of the threat. He went on to launch his own highly-successful law firm, The Ticktin Law Group.

Lately he has returned to educating the public about how to prepare for global warming.

In is blog, What’s Tickin,’ America? Ticktin goes well beyond what other “experts” have to say about climate change.  “We’re past the tipping point,” he proclaims.  “So it’s more important to prosper and rebuild an infrastructure suitable for the new climate reality.”

Rather than simply reducing carbon emissions, he proposes that we rely on other solutions like bolstering our economy.  How ironic is that?

Ticktin maintains that ironically the Trump Administration has the right answer to this global threat, a booming economy.  The boom will enable America to do what must be done to confront global warming’s most severe effects.

Now here’s another irony.

Consider the ironic messaging in product packaging today as the commercial selling point has evolved from “here’s what we are” to “here’s what we aren’t!”



The other day, I was in Publix perusing a box of NABISCO GOOD THINS.  The sign “Buy one, get one free” had caught my attention.

On the front of the box, Good Thins proudly proclaims “we’re made with 100% whole grain wheat.”

Then just as proudly, Good Thins went on to extol what it is not.

Brightly on the front of the box it points out that Good Thins contain:

No artificial colors . . . No artificial flavors . . . No cholesterol . . . No partially hydrogenated oils . . . No high fructose corn syrup . . . 

Yes, along the grocery aisles we’re in the land of NO.  No sugar added. No preservatives.  No this, no that.  Maybe it should say Good Thins do not cause global warming or inappropriate sexual behavior!  Make the tag line: Good Thins make you good!  Or better yet, Good Thins make you Not Bad!

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