Yes, we all make mistakes.  Mine topped them all.  It was a doozy, a humdinger, an asinine stunt that landed me right in prison.  Not the prison of walls, guards and bars, but the interminable prisons of traction, body casts and braces.  I broke my neck when I was 21.  What fun!

It happened back when I was a lifeguard in Atlantic City.  One evening after work, I wanted to go for a swim.   I rowed my lifeboat out into the choppy surf and dove off the bow . . . onto a sandbar.  Ouch.

X-rays showed I had fractured and dislocated my fifth and six vertebra.  Relatives came to visit me in Atlantic City Hospital.  They told me how lucky I was. I could have been paralyzed from the neck down.   Somehow I didn’t feel lucky.

Prolonged Agony

For three agonizing months I lay suspended in a revolving Stryker frame bed.  After that I did more time in a full body cast, then a neck brace.  Ever make love in a full body cast?  It’s not a pretty sight or very romantic.

Girls would tell me it was like sleeping with Frankenstein’s monster.  So I didn’t do very much of it, despite my hormones raging at the time.

Why am I telling you all this, let alone remembering it?

Another accident

The President of my talent agency division, TransMedia Versatile Talent, just called me to report she slipped and fell in a McDonalds near her home in Gainesville.  She had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.  She said she was in a lot of pain, but fortunately nothing was broken.

She asked me if I knew a good personal injury attorney.

You bet I do!  I know one of the best.  I told her Peter Ticktin.  He was long-time client of our PR firm during major cases he was handling.  Happily, he’s returning as a client.  So I contacted Peter and they’re talking.

What’s the moral of all this?   Don’t walk on slippery floors or dive off of boats into shallow water unless of course you’re a blogger and just want something to write about.

Now dive into my latest book available on Amazon: “Is there enough Brady in Trump to win the inSUPERable BOWL?”   Don’t worry.  It’s not shallow.



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