Adding ‘Trump Divorce’ to Headline Sparked Client’s Meteoric Rise to Fame

Don’t you hate it when your media pitch plunges into the sea like a failed rocket launch?  Sometimes a catchy phrase reaches the stars!

In this case, just two words propelled our client Lynn Aronberg to media stardom. Amazing what adding “Trump” to a headline can do for a story.

In one week, we had Lynn’s story covered copiously and accompanied by luscious pictures of her in her hometown newspaper, The Palm Beach Post.  Then it went media ballistic.

Donald Trump & Lynn Aronberg                         Donald Trump & Lynn Aronberg

We arranged even bigger stories with lots of sexy photographs of her at Mar-a-Lago in newspapers and magazines across the country including The New York PostThe Washington Post, even The Daily Mail in London.

Then came a blitzkrieg of broadcast exposure, including interviews on Inside Edition, Watters World on FOX and repeat performances on FOX & Friends, and on and on her image keeps shooting up to the media summit.

Why? In large part this all happened because of two words.  We billed the story as an example of a new phenomenon, “The Trump Divorce.”

Lynn Aronberg & Melania Trump                              Lynn Aronberg & Melania Trump

Those mediagenic words, “Trump Divorce” was all the propulsion our PR campaign required to make Lynn literally blast off as a national celebrity.

I had coined the phrase months before in my new book “Is there enough Brady in Trump to win the inSUPERable Bowl?” now available on Amazon.

In it, I have a chapter titled “In Today’s Civil Unrest, Couples Split Saying ‘See Ya Lago, Mara!’”  I called it the start of a radical new phenomenon, “The Trump Divorce.”  In Lynn’s case, her support of Trump caused a firestorm among her husband’s liberal base.  She felt he wasn’t standing up for her.

The news of their split astounded those who knew the power couple as they appeared together at President Trump’s Winter White House, Mar-a-Lago.

Sure, Lynn Aronberg, a former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, has it all. She is voluptuously thin with a razor sharp mind. Beauty so beguiling it makes her irresistibly attractive. And her sultry smile could melt an iceberg.

No wonder when she was married to State Attorney Dave Aronberg she was the belle of the ball when they attended galas at Mar-a-Lago.  Everyone wanted a picture with her, including Melania and Donald Trump himself.

And she loved the Trumps back big time, even later naming her the three-legged dog she adopted “Ivanka.”

Yes, Lynn is a client to be wished for, but still a hook was needed to make her internationally newsworthy.

That hook was politics.  Married to a prominent Democratic office holder, she had a problem.  She was a lone conservative Republican in his Democratic stronghold.  Her husband’s liberal base deeply resented her liking the Trumps and the pictures she posted with them on her Facebook page.

When her husband asked her to take them down, it was the straw that broke the elephant’s back.

Lynn filed for divorce and eventually they agreed to an amicable settlement, but not until I had suggested she hire another client of our firm, attorney Larry Klayman, one of the toughest, most dogged lawyers in America who loves nothing more than making legal mincemeat out of far-out liberals.

Today I’m not just Lynn’s publicist, but I’m also her licensed talent agent. Our news release on PR Newswire, “Celebrity Divorcee Lynn Aronberg Signs Talent Representation Agreement With TransMedia Group” got thousands of views and hits, hundreds of postings and tweets, and reached a total potential audience of nearly 90 million.

Currently as Lynn’s agent I’m involved in talks with producers in Hollywood to cast her in a new reality show, Palm Beach Housewives. I warned the producers that with her good looks and lively personality she’ll be a scene stealer.  They didn’t seem to mind that at all.


Tom Madden, the “quintessential” spin man, is founder and chairman of TransMedia Group.


Please check out my latest book on Amazon “Enough Brady in Trump”



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