TransMedia Group Calls Donald Trump’s Astounding Victory a ‘Shiny New Day For Democracy’

The international PR firm TransMedia Group, which along with many pollsters had predicted Secretary Hillary Clinton would win the Presidency, today congratulated Donald Trump on his surprising upset in the Presidential election.

Donald Trump’s victory in the Presidential election forecasts a shiny new day for democracy,” said Thomas J. Madden, CEO of TransMedia Group (

It wasn’t pretty.  It wasn’t poetry, but our democracy spoke last night with a voice raspy but true,” said Madden.

“And in the dawn’s early light, our unique system of government made it home once again.

“Like it or not, we have a new leader and for many there’ll be disappointment and maybe hell to pay, but the system triumphed, the people have spoken and now we must listen and come home together as the United States of America.

“Long live our country. It’s a new day and the sun will shine.”


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