The Cliché Commander in Chief. O’Dwyer’s front story this week!

As the race “tightens,” we keep “hitting the campaign trail” encountering an endless parade of political clichés and roughshod rhetoric making this pursuit of the Presidency ever more wearisome to endure.Just tally the bucketful’s of clichés dumped into this presidential election.

They “speak volumes” about our politics.   Media’s endlessly “breaking news” and guttural talk adds up to the sorry state our language is in amid the torrent of demeaning terms tossed around in this mad dash for “the highest office in the land.”

It’s been probably the most hackneyed political race for President ever in the history of the United States of America.  “Yes unprecedented!”  Everything you see and hear on TV is unprecedented.  It’s an unprecedented use of the word unprecedented.

How many times have we heard our FBI director was “between a rock and a hard place” . . .  had to take “the lesser of two evils.”  And what’s his job in the first place?  Why sending out “shockwaves,” of course, when being the “October surprise.”

All day long we hear hackneyed expressions like Hillary’s “strangle hold” on the Electoral College as she “protects the blues” as Trump tries to “turn purple to red.”   Is this a campaign or a coloring contest?

“I never thought I would be saying thank you to Anthony Weiner,” says a rejuvenated Trump who now is in a “dead heat” for Florida, while “surging” in New Mexico.”  This was after “The Mother Lode” of emails popped out of Huma’s laptop and became delicious new “red meat” for Trump’s base

Meanwhile happy Hillary exhorts “deal me in” and keeps trying to “peel away voters” in “swing states.”

Trump calls Hillary “crooked, corrupt and a liar.”  She slams him back as patently “unfit,” calling him a prickly “predator” lacking the “temperament” to be commander in chief.

Yes they “muddy the waters” with their incessant name calling, which occasionally makes them become “unhinged, causes their campaigns to “unravel” and their “unfavorables” to rise.

That’s probably because the election is “rigged” and so too may be our English language, which is running far behind in the polls.

* * *

Tom Madden, the “quintessential” spin man, is founder and chairman of TransMedia Group.

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