Trumpish, a brave new word, barrels vulgarly and gruffly forward inserting itself into our increasingly blistering language.

trumpishThere’s a pugnacious word rushing headlong with breakneck speed into our deteriorating political discourse and lexicon.

It’s a word that’s charging at our online dictionaries, knocking over Merriam-Websters and beguiling and inciting media.

It’s a brave new word that’s digging in as it’s used boorishly to define someone’s response to criticism with the force of a fulminating fullback attacking a stalwart line of decency and decorum, breaking through and scoring negative touchdowns.

It’s the ultimate outlier, scrappy repost called trumpish!

Trumpish is the agitated adjective and trumpishly, the assaulting adverb, meaning firing off ones counter attacks against an array of charges of inappropriate behavior with indignant rage, threats of retaliation and a total disregard of the facts, repercussions or recriminations.  Trumpish people typically are egotists who are awesomely successful, well off financially and may have groping tendencies.  They’re occasionally haughty and arrogant types who are vague or mindless about their own shortcomings and believe there are conspiracies, or witch hunts out to get them.

The terms emanates from the well-publicized rants of a Presidential candidate during the presidential campaign of 2016.

So welcome Trumpish to our ballooning vocabulary that’s growing cruder, saltier and more bombastic by the minute.



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