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I call this blog Madden Mischief because I believe sometimes we need to be creating a little mischief to enliven our world so we don’t get too complacent, too comfortable with our opinions, and if necessary  maybe it’s a good idea to get people’s goat sometimes when they’re gloating how they’re right all the time.

Yes, it helps to be little annoying at times to get people’s attention, to shake things up, to get citizens to think a little differently about things, like this nutty notion that illegal immigrants are the root of all evil, the cause of all our problems . . . that they’re making our economy stagnate, they’re stealing jobs away from God-fearing, law-abiding Americans, wreaking havoc on the lives of good people.

Okay, let’s add a coupcon of mischievous sense here.  What if I told you that aspirants like Mr. Trump have no idea what they’re talking about when they say let’s not just build a wall, but let’s “round ‘em up” and “kick ‘em the hell out.”  Who cares how many trillions of dollars it will cost taxpayers like you and me.  We’ll all feel better, right?

But what if I told you immigrants, even the illegals, actually benefit our country and keep us growing, not shrinking like Japan and other countries with low birth rates.   Sorry, but the fact is we can’t remain a world leader very long if our country’s not growing.

Another screwy notion is that Immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans.  They’re raping us and causing all kinds of murders, mayhem and mischief.   Sorry to throw a wrench into that clogged pipedream, but that’s just not the case.  Most illegals are law abiding, don’t speak English very well, are not very educated, so they’re hardly taking good jobs away from people.  Actually most of them are performing work few Americans would want to do.  Do you know how hot it is on a roof getting tarred or how sore your back can get picking crops?   Next time you see an illegal immigrant, before you pounce on them with a citizen’s arrest, say you appreciate what they’re doing for America, working so hard at the dirtiest jobs, paying taxes and raising families which are helping to make America grow great again.

Well Amigo, that’s my mischievous thought for the day.  Buenos dias!

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