Is this James “Whitey” Bulger in Cannes, in May 2023?

Over the many years I’ve been doing PR, I’ve come across some wild stories, but this one takes the confounding cake.  If even a small percentage is true, I can see headlines bulging.

A couple weeks ago, I got a call from Nicholas Fiorillo, a real estate developer preparing a corridor of land in Connecticut for a colossal data center that’s become the most expensive dirt in America, worth billions.

So rich in fact that he says powerful dark forces up in Massachusetts have been after him.  He says they got him evicted from his multi-million-dollar home up there on trumped up non-payment of loan charges.  He was living in the same affluent neighborhood outside of Boston where his neighbors were Thomas O’Neill and George Soros and right behind him the chief of the state police. 

He believes the deep state there wants him dead so they can take over his incredibly valuable asset.  Hmmm, sounds like a juicy story, I couldn’t help thinking.  

Nicholas is CEO of Gotspace Development, a privately held investment firm focused on management, development, operation, and acquisition of digital infrastructure data centers of which this one’s the ultimate.  He managed to create it through off-market acquisitions of land and real estate assets, and now after this triumph he says he’s being prosecuted and hunted.

Right now, Fiorillo’s hiding out somewhere in Florida furiously writing a book with the working title “Wanting My Data Center, Deep State Wants Me Dead!”

Fiorillo plans to publish this book on Amazon before it’s too late. In it he says he’ll tell the whole story himself why the deep state in Massachusetts, which he charges is allied with corrupt state courts and a posse of gangsters, is after him. 

He wonders if he’s in their crosshairs because he’s seen Whitey alive this year at Cannes  Is that why he says a state court system is after him?  Is that why he says those at the top are the most wicked political power chain in the history of America who want him erased?

Fiorillo said his company, Gotspace Data Partners, filed a landmark Federal Racketeering Lawsuit in the District Court of Massachusetts in late 2022, which he said has now been moved to Federal Court in Rhode Island alleging a massive criminal conspiracy under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, 18 U.S.C. 1961-68:R.I.C.O. & CF AA, Cybercrimes, Conspiracy & Extortion.  

The hundred page suit, he said charges George Soros,, now in his 90’s, Tiny “Tip” O’Neil and others purported to be active members of what he calls a “NE Edge Criminal Enterprise.”

The action details an unlawful pattern of criminal acts to force Fiorillo into giving up 90% control of his company and it’s development rights to the 30 Billion dollar New England Data Corridor.  

Fiorillo told me he wants to illumine what he calls rampant corruption in the state  where bad people drove him out of his multi-million-dollar home. 

“Why did they throw me into courtrooms on phony, trumped-up charges, beat me up, cause my wife to have a stroke, try multiple times to murder me and now are forcing me to hide out from the dark side in sunny South Florida?”

He says his adversaries want the valuable land and licenses he has acquired to build this multi-billion-dollar data center in Connecticut that’s going to control the world’s data and become home to the new virtual Wall Street, the Pentagon and Boston’s technologically advanced infrastructure.

He cites the blogger Turtle Boy’s recent news conference about the Karen Read case going viral from Boston because he knows the depth of corruption in the state from which Fiorillo fled. Fiorillo claims it vividly reflects the same rampant corruption underlying his own story alleging it leads up to O’Neill and Soros and permeates state police and courts in cahoots with the politicos. Now he says gangsters to which they’re connected have him on their hit list.

He believes the meat and potatoes behind attempts to imprison or murder him is a concerted effort by corrupt authorities to take over his vast data center infrastructure, the valuable land and licenses he has acquired in Connecticut that will bring behemoths like Wall Street and Boston powerfully together in the sprawling acreage he has assembled there now worth billions. 

He says they’re concocting schemes and plots to place defaults on made-up loans, evict him from his home, order him to appear in a half dozen courts for hearings scheduled at the same time at different places, which would be impossible for him to attend, or comply with, thus casting him as a renegade, a lawless person.  He says he has recordings of multiple threats to murder him.     

Yes, this all sounds preposterous, but Fiorillo swears it’s a true story including even his coincidentally running into Bulger on the French Riviera. 

Then he starts showing me evidence, photos, playing recordings and presenting back-up proof of what Fiorillo charges they’re doing to him and why he’s their target. 

Hearing all this, I can’t help wondering if I’m dreaming. 

Yet Fiorillo has just retained Peter Ticktin as his attorney to represent him in Federal Court.

So, maybe what I’m seeing and hearing from Fiorillo is very possibly a nightmare that’s real!   And maybe this foxy Fiorillo knows what he’s doing to stay just as alive as Whitey.

Tom Madden is a former journalist, network TV executive and storyteller.  He’s a WORDSHINE MAN, the title of his latest book about how to make writing more inviting.  When not writing books, he’s the CEO of TransMedia Group, an award-winning public relations firm he started when he left NBC in New York City.  His international PR firm is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida