Take it from me, a reformed SPIN MAN (title of my first book), who graduated to WORDSHINE MAN (my day job at TransMedia Group), but now every morning I arise and play a whole new exhilarating character.  

Meet the Cinnamon Man! 

It’s a cushy job I have making oats not just sweeter, but tastier, even healthier. I can give tired old oatmeal a sparkling new personality, an intense look, feel and flavor by–you guessed it—sprinkling that succulent, resplendent substance, cinnamon. 

Years ago, in church I would say to a priest in a confessional “bless me father, for I have sinned.”  Now I’d say, “credit me, for I have cinnamoned.” 

Yes, I’ve come a long redemptive way.  I now cinnamonize slices of starkly naked white bananas making them respectably, deliciously brown and our whole woke breakfast so diverse and inclusive.  Sorry Gov. DeSantis, enjoy your grapefruit. 

I also make bananas a whole lot sweeter atop oats who welcome me each morning with outstretched arms as I sprinkle them, making them not only tastier, but a whole lot healthier (see below). 

This is why I’m known at home and so revered by my expert banana slicing, dicing, enticing wife Rita as her Cinnamon Man

NOW HERE THIS.  Some research shows that what I do so tastefully may also be good for us medically.

This holds true especially for those coping with that dangerous D word, diabetes. A review of studies suggests cinnamon might lower blood sugar, maybe even cholesterol too. 

As I’m thinking now about calling myself “Dr. Cinnamon,” allow me to tell you about a study suggesting cinnamon might even help with obesity and weight loss. Sometimes it’s even used for irritable bowel syndrome, but let’s not go there, my cinnamon sweethearts. 

Let’s just say that anything that’s sweet and cures something gets high cinnamarks in Cinnamon Man’s book.  

Oh, and cinnamon is sweetly expanding into more products. General Mills Inc., the food manufacturer behind the long-running, iconic cereal Cinnamon Toast Crunch, is branching out.

The new products swinging back around to food — after expanding to Nike’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch Kyrie 4 shoes or Cinnamon Toast cosmetic brushes — include new food products featuring the cereal’s cinnamon flavor.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch yogurt, baking mixes and oatmeal are set to soon sweeten store shelves, and the company is hoping the already-established flavors will help boost the popularity of cinnamon and, ultimately, the company’s sales.

                           Now I close with this ditty about what makes food so pretty.

When folks ask me what I do I tell ‘em I cinnamon.
To ‘where do I do it?’, I say wherever there’s nonemon.
How long been I doin’ it?  Since I been about sevenamon.
Then have to explain sevenamon’s just before eightamon.
Tis worthwhile work?  Man, cinnamon is everythingamon!

Cinnamonly yours, 
Cinnamon Man

Known each morning as the Cinnamon Man, Tom Madden also sprinkles just the right words into his many articles, blogs and books, like his latest WORDSHINE MAN, about how to make writing become more like cinnamon-covered oatmeal—inviting.  When not sprinkling, he’s dishing out strategic PR for his clients at TransMedia Group, the PR firm he started when he left his cinnamatic role as Vice President, Assistant to the President of NBC, in that sinful, cinnamoned city that never sleeps.