We hear every day about Ukraine’s counteroffensive against those ruthless Russian invaders who everyday attack Ukrainian civilians, including children, with deadly missiles, shelling, and those killer drones.

Now comes a book by Ukrainian refugee Karina Safarova who tells us how without guns and tanks we can launch our own counteroffensives . . .  this time against life’s many challenges right on our own home fronts.

Karina is indeed a life coach extraordinaire. 

She spells out in her latest book, soon to be available on Amazon, recipes to bring out the best in ourselves, strategies to triumph over adversities and attain our goals amid life’s endless challenges.

Her book inspires us how to fulfill our dreams these days despite everything costing more, with jobs and careers becoming more challenging and lives more distraught by the increasingly dangerous effects of climate change, mass shootings and politics behind tumultuous diversity and inclusion put downs at highest levels. 

I’m honored to help her publish this brave book on Amazon with assistance from book publishing veteran John Riddle, founder of I Love to Write Day celebrated every Nov. 15.  He’s the author of 34 books.  In comparison, I’m a relative small fry with only five books published so far.

What is most inspiring to me, however, is becoming Karina Safarova’s agent.  After moving from London to Miami, she signed with Madden Talent, my licensed talent agency, to represent her in talks with business conference directors, Hollywood producers and ad agencies looking for an inspirational event/product spokesperson. 

Karina’s teachings on how to combat life’s challenges with love, tears and laughter have made her an extraordinarily impressive motivational speaker whose transformational achievements are nothing short of miraculous.

She uses her own transformation to inspire others who see her as a gifted life coach who speaks from the heart.  Besides a world-renowned author, she is also a podcaster of her own shows “Limitless Success” and “Lifemakeover” and general manager of Aesthetic Medical Wellness, an anti-aging clinic in Florida. 

Being in the industry over the last 10 years, Safarova has dedicated her life to working with personal, emotional, spiritual and physical transformations.

“I am here to redesign your life,” says Karina. “Life is one big choice and one big habit, so choose beautiful scripts for yourself.” 

From a young age, Safarova has been a fighter.

Making her way from Ukraine to London, she chose to rewrite her path. Landing in the UK, she fought for the London Elite, where she coached aspiring clients from cities around the world, some through difficult times.

She has teamed up with guest celebrities, experts, chefs, CEO’s, fitness stars and more to improve the quality of her business.

Karina’s judgment is impeccable, and I’m honored to work with someone who can see, nurture and bring out the best talent in others, much like Madden Talent does with all whom it represents.

Karina can inspire not just an entire crowd, but an entire city of people needing coaching through an increasingly difficult life.

Tom Madden is an inspirer himself.  His latest book WORDSHINE MAN shows you how to make your writing more inviting to read.  When he’s not inspiring other writers, he’s inspiring media to cover his clients at TransMedia Group, the PR firm he started in New York City when he left NBC where he was Vice President, Assistant to the President.