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By Tom Madden

Yes, for many seniors cyberdefenses may be as necessary as bananas, exercise and vitamin C.  That’s because it’s very possible, perhaps likely, that hackers may have you, Mr. and Ms. Senior, or your business, in their villainous crosshairs.

These days we’re all someone’s target, from the robocaller-telemarketers to the deviously clever cyber crooks.

And adding to communications chaos today, law enforcement warns of rising artificial intelligence (AI) scams and increasing QR Code phishing attacks.  How wonderful!  And who’s the fish?  We are.

So, now it may be time to know how to protect yourself and your loved ones at home and even that beloved business wherever it is that you still own somewhere and wished you had sold.

Artificial Intelligence has created a weird new reality where the familiar voice on the other end of the telephone might not be a friend’s you recognize, but a fraud.

Even the face you are staring at on a zoom call may no longer be the person you think he or she is, as today AI has become that good at replicating to a tee.

Grandparents are being increasingly targeted by scammers posing as family for cash.  Chat bots are “communicating” inappropriately with minors on social media platforms.  And phony QR codes are the newest phishing trap. And again, who’s the fish?


Cyber Security Expert and Best-Selling Author, Amir Sachs, Founder and CEO of International Security Company Blue Light IT in Boca Raton, FL says this is just the beginning. 

And he says that’s because the technology is so new, tools haven’t been created yet to fully protect against all the scams so rampant today.

But Sachs has been investigating how businesses and individuals can take small, simple steps to protect themselves and their families immediately.

He makes himself available to media to share them. His PR firm TransMedia Group invites media to jump on a call with Amir, or if they’d prefer, just provide specifics on what people need to be on the lookout for in today’s hacker-filled world. 

Sachs and his team provide IT management, strategic technology direction and specialized Cyber Security services. Having worked in the IT industry when the internet first started, Amir has been part of the onslaught and evolution of hacking attempts from the beginning, gaining inside knowledge as to how hackers think and operate.

Now on the ground level of AI, Sachs is committed to developing protections against fraudulent QR codes and artificial intelligence scams and security risks (while also helping businesses embrace the benefits of AI).

Here are some points he makes in his interviews about voice cloning impacting seniors:

  • As voice cloning technology advances, our seniors face an increased risk of scams and fraud. It’s imperative we equip them with the knowledge to recognize and report such incidents.
  • The evolution of voice cloning presents a double-edged sword, especially for our seniors. We must ensure they are informed, prepared, and protected in this rapidly changing digital landscape.
  • Voice cloning can create a false sense of familiarity, a dangerous tool in the hands of scammers. It’s crucial to educate our seniors about these risks and encourage them to verify the identity of callers.
  • In a world where a loved one’s voice can be imitated, seniors need to be cautious. Encourage verifying identities through multiple means, never solely relying on voice recognition.
  • As voice cloning technology becomes more prevalent, it’s not just about protecting seniors, but about empowering them with knowledge and digital literacy. Education is our strongest defense.

Here’s what he says about hackers targeting businesses, which are way high on their lists.

  • Voice cloning technology can pose a significant threat to businesses, potentially enabling fraudulent activities and data breaches. As business owners, we must stay ahead with robust cybersecurity measures and comprehensive employee training.
  • The sophistication of voice cloning technology can lure businesses into a false sense of security. It’s essential to validate all communication and transactions, no matter how convincing or familiar the voice may sound (I love using the phrase “false sense of security”)
  • The threat of voice cloning technology is real and imminent for businesses. To safeguard our employees and operations, we must foster a culture of vigilance, regularly updating and reinforcing cybersecurity best practices.
  • Business owners must be alert: voice cloning can be a tool for corporate espionage. The need to protect sensitive information is more critical than ever. Implementing rigorous verification protocols and maintaining a culture of security awareness are our strongest defenses.

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Amir Sachs, Founder and CEO of Blue Light IT in Boca Raton, FL helps small and medium sized companies around the globe reduce the risk of cyberattacks.  Co-Author of the Amazon Best-Sellers: “Cybersecurity NOW, Crucial Strategies from 11 IT Security Experts” and “Managing Your Business Risk in the Cybersecurity Minefield,” Sachs has 25+ years of experience in the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across multiple industry sectors and founded Blue Light IT in 2003