There are always first times and the more inventive we are, the more of them we’ll have.

Take Dr. Zvi, a brilliant retired orthopedic surgeon, today a daring doctor who just traded his home for an RV to take his wellness wisdom on the road.

He is living with his dog in an RV parked temporarily behind my office building in downtown Boca Raton.  Soon he’ll be taking his revolutionary sole heeling, pain-relieving practice on the road.

How does Zvi restore feet to health?  Like wheel aligning tires on cars, he simply realigns soles of shoes and what he calls sKNEEkers for more balanced footing.

And wouldn’t you know it, in my building happens to be a tenant who is going to speed delivery of Dr. Zvi’s invention to save millions of people the angst of foot pain that could lead to more serious injury to knees and hips requiring surgery.  

He is Steward Gold, chief editor of www.beginrv.com whose mission is serving both the quiet and wild souls through their passion for road travel with a variety of uplifting directions to follow as there’s no one map for everyone.

 BeginRV’s 110 RV Influencers of 2022 points to which people, clubs, and groups are shaping the road travel industry, serving as platforms for activists, RVers, entrepreneurs, artists and others to share ideas on road travel and what it means to live a life on their own terms.  And how one of them got on “Shark Tank.”  

Meanwhile, Dr. Zvi MD will be parking his van at the far end of our lot mostly at night.  He’ll stay quietly out of everyone’s way behind the commercial building I own a nice chunk of as we map out plans for him to hit the road. He’ll soon be dispensing his remarkable solution for avoiding knee, back and hip pain by improving the alignment of shoes and sneakers. 

And it so happens that not only is Gold publisher of BeginRV, he’s also a filmmaker with whom we’re talking about doing a film about Zvi. Talk about a fit, this is Gold!

Soon, Zvi will be taking his RV out to The Villages as guest of the family that owns the sprawling community in central Florida, where our MD client will be fixing everyone’s footwear before it leads to knee pain or worse.   

Zvi is happy to check out your shoes or sneakers to see if there is an imbalance which he can tell by examining how the soles are wearing, whether evenly or on one side more than the other, thus signaling a problem.   

An inventor, motivational author/speaker and professional trumpet player, yes, that’s right, he plays the trumpet, Dr. Zvi Pearlstein has been soulfully on a lifelong search for non-surgical solutions to knee, back and hip pain.  Impassioned to take sole and soul healing to the masses, Dr. Zvi wants to bring to life his vision of a Happy Heal America RV Tour nationwide.  

He can’t wait to drive mobile wellness he calls “Wellness Wisdom Warriors on the road, bringing his sole heeling inventions/consultations and soul healing messages to men and women across Florida.  

Faced with his own “bone-on-bone” arthritic knees, Zvi wanted a product to naturally open his medial joint spaces.  Nothing existed, so he developed a first-of-its-kind sole- named sKNEEkers wherein a customized sole is permanently molded to any brand of sneaker, flat shoe or boot worn by the user.

Malalignment of the feet and how we put weight on them is a key cause of knee pain, he says.  Like the toeing in and out of car tires, wheel alignment shouldn’t wait until a car’s old, but is needed throughout its life.  Same with people, says Dr. Zvi. 

When not healing, Zvi entertains playing his trumpet alongside internationally renowned Young James Brown, who was endorsed by the Godfather of Soul himself. You’ll never meet more colorful, inspirational, solution-minded musical characters on a mission to elevate footwear and spirits throughout Florida and beyond.   

Dr Zvi received his BA in Biochemistry from Princeton University and his MD from New York University School of Medicine. He completed a 5-year residency in Orthopedic Surgery at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn.  As a Major in the United States Air Force, Dr Zvi spent three years practicing orthopedic surgery at Clark Air Base in the Philippines and one year at Andrews Air Force Base in Wash. DC. He did active-duty service during Persian Gulf War I.

While he doesn’t play trumpet, Tom Madden does publicity fanfares drumming up media exposure for clients at the PR firm he started when he left NBC, where he was VP, assistant to the president, then Fred Silverman.  Madden writes countless articles, blogs and books, including his latest WORDSHINE MAN full of tips on how to make writing exciting.