With thousands of giant discount department stores serving millions of shoppers daily throughout our country, sometimes ugly situations can occur when occasionally customers try to return defective merchandise.

Some shoppers like to wave at cameras that they’re coming in to exchange or return something, which sometimes badly backfires and can turn into an embarrassing situation with customers detained, handcuffed, and even injured, just trying to return something. 

Enter Peter Ticktin, founder and senior partner, The Ticktin Law Group, a champion for the “little guy/gal” fighting against discrimination, personal injury, employment bias and other unfair and in some cases illegal practices against consumers.  

His prominent law firm currently is representing in a court case a couple who were escorted out of a Walmart in handcuffs after just trying to return a defective air mattress.

Ticktin also has some famous clients you’ll seldom find shopping at discount stores.  One of them is his long-time pal and former commanding officer at the New York Military Academy when they were both 18 years old–Donald Trump.

Ticktin wrote a book about Trump titled “What Makes Trump Tick.”

Madden has written a few books too, including his latest, WORDSHINE MAN, full of tips on how to make writing exciting.  When he’s not writing books, Madden is managing his award-winning PR firm, TransMedia Group, headquartered in Boca Raton, FL.  Actually, his daughter Adrienne Mazzone does most of the managing