Hooray! Another victory against racism!

Freedom Fighter Harriet Tubman

I’ll make this a short and sweet drive to shout out my car window “Thank you, Miami Dade” for making Dixie Highway history, at least in your part of Florida. 

Finally, the roadway there was officially renamed Harriet Tubman Highway.

While I would have preferred the more alliterative “Harriet Highway” as I suggested in a recent blog, I’m happy we drove this forward triumphantly to a much more deserving name. 

I still think “Harriet Highway” would have been catchier and have evoked curiosity and questions like “Who’s Harriet?”  Also, Tubman was Harriet’s husband’s last name who was a bit of a scoundrel for dumping her and remarrying, while she was bravely helping slaves escape from Dixie to freedom.

Still Harriet Tubman Highway is many miles better than Dixie, so kudos to all you Miami Dade mayors and commissioners.    

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