Why Is Property Identity Theft One of the Fastest Growing Cybercrimes? You Can Ask Attorney Peter Ticktin who Relishes Bringing the Bad Guys to Justice

After a six-year legal battle, Andy Pham’s attorney Peter Ticktin recently won in Nevada District Court a judgement to return Pham’s Las Vegas property and put it back in his name after it was stolen from him by scammers.

Peter Ticktin, Andy Pham’s Attorney, and Founder and Managing Partner of The Ticktin Law Firm, knows better than most lawyers about such scams.

Whether leading the charge in the 90s’ HIV Litigation or bringing down mortgage foreclosure robo-signers to the tune of $30 billion, attorney Ticktin has had a huge impact across mega industries reining in criminals, scammers and con artists.

When not righting wrongs, Ticktin’s writing books, including his latest, “What Makes Trump Tick,” recounting his time serving under the former President when they were both young cadets attending the New York Military Academy. www.whatmakestrumptick.com.

Determined to protect other title holders, Pham founded Company Alarm, a service that helps protect business owners’ assets by monitoring business data and alerting them when changes are made.  https://www.reviewjournal.com/investigations/weak-safeguards-make-nevada-companies-easy-targets-for-fraud/

It all started when Andy’s Multi-Million Dollar Las Vegas Property was stolen by scammers and now on Nevada’s Sec. of State Website his property is finally returned to its rightful owner, himself.

The six-year legal battle spotlights “How Easy It Is for Crooks to Still Commit Fraud/ Real Estate Title Identity Theft Online in Nevada- and throughout the Nation,” which is seeing a rise in Property Identity Theft Cases.EIGHTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT 3 CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA Case Number: A-17-752905-C 

A business identity theft victim,Pham’s $5 million Las Vegas property was stolen by scammers who removed his name on the Nevada Secretary of State’s website, and with zero verification required, replaced Pham’s name with another. 

Then scammers fraudulently took out nearly $2 million in loans against the[TM1]  property they didn’t own.

The South Florida attorney’s latest win in Las Vegas, Nevada sends a warning to business Identity theft crooks and fixes what the Attorney General could/would not, according to Ticktin and his partner Jamie Sasson, who got Andy Pham’s $5 million dollar swindle reversed and Pham’s real estate returned to him.

The Ticktin Law Group’s attorneys have handled many of these land theft cases.  “We enjoy this work because the one thing about land, people can steal it, but they can’t ship it overseas.  They can encumber the property, but it remains in our jurisdiction, where we can get it back.  Unfortunately, someone often gets hurt, such as a victim who is used to be a straw-borrower,” said Ticktin.

Ticktin believes the one person who should not be hurt is the owner.  In our last one of these suits, which was in Las Vegas, we are also seeking our attorneys’ fees and costs against the straw borrower who was used because he was complicit. 

Ticktin said the strawman got involved with some pretty bad people, but he was no innocent bumkin, himself.  The criminals had changed the name of the managing member of the LLC, which owned the property, to the strawman’s name, and then they had him borrow against the property. 

Then the strawman on his own transferred the property from the LLC where he was pretending to be the managing member, to a new one he started, where he was the real managing member.

“So, he not only stole the land under the influence of the criminals, but he kept it even after he learned that the real owner of the original LLC was a different person than the criminals who changed the name of the managing member, and then, he fought to keep the property, claiming that the owner was negligent due to his failure to pay attention to the ownership of the property. 

“The judge did not buy that argument from the new thieving owner, but the mortgagees who loaned almost $2 million looked like they were going to be successful with that argument, as they were also innocent parties.  Fortunately, their title insurance made them whole.  The real owner settled with them, as well, and a small amount is to be paid to them upon the sale of the property.”

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