That’s right, I’m angry.   I have animus for cannabis posing as simple cookies.

I almost lost a dear relative recently who collapsed and was rushed to hospital after eating a bunch of them.  Little did he know the sweet little cookies were laced with pot.  Stuffed with weed.  Mired in Marijuana!

He was hungry.  Was in meetings all morning.  Had not eaten breakfast or lunch.  His friend gave him the box of cookies to munch on.  He ate practically the whole box.  His friend never mentioned what they contained besides sugar and dough.  

They were dangerously delicious!  Suddenly his legs went limp.  He had trouble breathing.  He was losing consciousness like his life was saying bye-bye.

How raunchy, desperate for effects our society has become that would allow such potential poison for some disguised as a benign looking product like a box of cookies?  Commercially packaged and sold at a store like Twinkies?  Are we a society so wanting to live on the edge, be cool, laid back, make money getting people high, maybe dead?

Marijuana cookies.  They’re easy to make.  You prepare the dough, pack it with weed, pop them in the oven, then enjoy the taste and most importantly, the effect.  Oh yes, the EFFECT! 

But please, before you serve them, tell your guests what’s in them, as for some they could be deadly!

Now I would like to see the jackass who gave my hungry relative those marijuana-laced cookies censured and fined.  And I’d like the company that made those cookies and packaged them as harmless cookies forced to pay a penalty and in future required to place on their culpable cookie boxes this warning in BLAZING BIG TYPE: 


What is Recreational Marijuana?

Where I live in Florida, persons caught in possession of edible marijuana may be arrested and face penalties.  Still, they’re becoming an increasingly popular method of ingesting cannabis not always for clinical use. Although the use of edibles is technically permitted by state law for individuals with a valid medical marijuana card, edible marijuana is nevertheless illegal for recreational use.‍

People use recreational marijuana for enjoyment rather than for medical conditions. Many users believe marijuana is safe because it is now legal in so many states. But marijuana use can be dangerous.

  • Recent data suggests 30% of those who use marijuana may have a marijuana use disorder. People who begin using marijuana before age 18 are four to seven times more likely to develop a marijuana use disorder than adults, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).
  • Individuals who use marijuana on a regular basis may have a higher risk for psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, and other substance use disorders, according to NIDA

Serious side effects can occur, including elevated heart rate, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, hallucinations, impaired memory, and more.

Ahh Those Incredible Edibles

The term edible is used to describe food or drinks that contain marijuana in a form that can be ingested. In many cases, edibles are cooked or manufactured in the form of baked goods, such as cookies or sweets, like gummies and chocolate bars.

While marijuana is commonly smoked or vaporized, some marijuana users prefer to consume cannabis in edible form. Edibles are helpful for medical marijuana patients, especially those who want to avoid harmful effects of inhaling smoke.

While some people may use recipes to make their own edibles, in some states legally licensed medical marijuana dispensaries have started to sell commercially manufactured edibles.

Unlike smoking marijuana or vaporizing it, the effects of an edible will only take place after digestion. The process could take anywhere up to an hour before any effects of the drug are experienced.

Technically permitted

Edible medical marijuana is technically permitted by Florida state law. However, the state’s department of health has not yet finalized regulations regarding commercially manufactured edibles.  Florida is one of the many states to legalize the use of medical marijuana.  Still, marijuana is listed as a Schedule I drug by federal law, and recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in the state of Florida.

Those caught in possession of marijuana without a valid medical marijuana card can be arrested and charged with drug possession. This also includes the possession of edibles – even those purchased legally in another state.

Tom Madden is an author, speechwriter and public relations expert who is founder and CEO of the international PR firm TransMedia Group ( Prior to launching the firm in New York City, Madden was Vice President, Assistant to the President, of NBC and was head of PR Planning at American Broadcasting Companies. Among his books are his autobiography “Spin Man” and “King of the Condo,” a murder mystery thriller that satirically depicts life in a Florida condo based on his own harrowing experience as a condo president.  His latest book WORDSHINE MAN is due out this summer. He currently writes a blog called “MaddenMischief’ (, which chronicles his sometimes whimsical, comical and critical views on politics, media and other subjects.